Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 30, 2020 Written Episode Update

Aman informs Roshni that he wants to adopt Jhumru as he now has no one. He says that Rehaan and Shayari had found Jhumru’s house and when they were about to enter, it burst into flames, there is no idea of ​​his parents, so he will adopt Jhumru. Roshni says that he knows he sees himself in Jhumru, but he should understand why the house burst into flames just as Rehaan and Shayari tried to enter and why Armaan doesn’t like Jhumru. Aman says it’s because Armaan wants to become a black genius. Jhumru looks at them.

Rehaan and Shayari enter the mansion and search for a clue. His nok jhok begins again. He says to go out and question the neighbors. He finds an old photograph and takes it away. They sit at a roadside tea stall and while Shayari chews banana and continues to taunt Rehaan. Rehaan tries to clean the photograph. Shayari gives him cleansing spray. Spray and clean pictures and see Jhumru with his family. Try to read the newspaper in Jhumru’s hand. She gives him a glass of zoom. She is surprised to read that the newspaper is from the 1920s, about 100 years ago, she says she doubted Jhumru from the beginning. She says that means Jhumru is not a kid but a genius. They arrive at a cave where they found Jhumru and try to find a clue. They hear a noise and think that someone else is also present there.

Jhumru enters Armaan’s room and says that he has to kill Armaan to become black jinn as Armaan is destined to become black jinn and he can only become black jinn after killing Armaan. He says that Armaan’s mother, Roshni, is an obstacle and that he has to do something. Find Roshni’s cell phone and call the orphanage. Roshni tries to convince Aman not to adopt Jhumru when the people from the orphanage enter and reports that they received a call from Roshni that an orphaned child is staying with them, so they came to take him away. Roshni says he didn’t call them. They say they cannot keep any child at home illegally so they will take the child with him. Roshni tries to convince Aman that she would not call the orphanage people without their permission. Aman says he trusts her, but others won’t, so he will adopt Jhumru.

Tabeezi informs Roshni that one can become black geniuses by killing him or defeating the one who killed the black geniuses. Roshni realizes that Jhumru wants to kill Armaan and become black geniuses. She runs to Aman to prevent him from signing the adoption papers, but Aman signs the papers before that. She says she shouldn’t have signed papers. The ladies of the family say that they all wanted Aman to adopt Jhumru. Roshni reports that Jhumru wants to kill Armaan and become black geniuses, so they made Jhumru’s job easier by including him in their family. Jhumru walks in and says that Roshni is right. He turns into giant geniuses and says that he is not a boy but the third generation of red geniuses, he has served black geniuses for 100 years and after his death, he should become black geniuses. Roshi attacks him, but he misses his attack and reveals that Rehaan and Shayari’s lives are in danger, they escaped last time, but not this time. Stone begins to fall around Rehaan and Shayari, and they freak out and try to save their lives.

Precap: Roshni sees Aman fall and runs towards him.
He sees Aman safe and sound on the other side and says that someone tricked them. They both run towards Armaan.

Update credit to: Afaq

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