Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 29, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni informs Aman about his nightmare and tells him that he does not know if it is true or false, the blanket wrapped around Armaan is not suitable for him. Aman says he trusts his instincts and will talk to Tabeezi about it. Rehaan is about to get into his car when Shayari stops him and scoffs if he’s going to get some fresh air for his mustache. His nok jhok begins as usual. Rehaan shows Jhumru’s taweez and says that there is some symbol on it that will help them find Jhumru’s family.

Tabeezi shows abehayat / holy water and says that it will help Armaan feel good and protect him from the evil around him. Jhumru tries to jump towards him. Aman stops him. Jhumru diverts his attention and silently adds maggots to the water thinking that he won’t let them ruin his plan. Roshni gives Armaan to Aman, and Aman is about to throw Armaan into the water when he sees worms and stops. The water rises and is about to attack Jhumru when Aman destroys him. Roshni worries about Jhumru. Jhumru says that Armaan doesn’t like him, so he always tries to hurt him. Back in the room, Aman says that Armaan must have done all of this when he saw Armaan smile. Roshni says it can’t be. Aman goes on saying that the truth is that Armaan will be the next black Jinn. Roshni cries hugging Armaan and says he doesn’t care because his parents are with him. Through a glass she realizes that Jhumru is outside and turns around, but cannot find him. She suspect.

Rehaan and Shayari arrive near a Sadik mansion and continue their nok jhok. She asks why is no one around. A man passes by and they ask if anyone is staying in this mansion. The man says that no one stays in Sadik mansion for centuries, he heard that geniuses used to stay here.

Back at home, Roshi asks Tabeezi to save Armaan. Tabeezi says that after the death of the black geniuses, their place will be taken on a particular night and is coming up. Roshni asks if someone can be replaced in Armaan’s place to become black geniuses. Tabeezi asks who will agree. Jhumru is seen singing sitting in the garden. Aman walks towards him. He starts acting like he’s crying and asks if he’s so bad that his parents ransacked him. Aman asks him not to worry as Rehaan and Shayari have gone looking for their parents. Jhumru says that finding his parents is not easy and that it can take years. Aman says that Rehaan and Shayari have already found out about his family and will meet them soon. Shayari and Rehaan walk towards the mansion when fire breaks out and explodes. The fire is seen in Jhumru’s eyes revealing that the mansion exploded. Shayari calls Aman and informs him that they found the mansion and were about to enter when it burst into flames, they are waiting for the fire to light to find any clues. Jhumru continues to interpret that his parents are difficult to find. Aman assures him that they will soon.

Precap: Roshni informs the family that Tabeezi reported that only an insider can harm Armaan, Jhumru wants to kill Armaan and become the next black genius. Jhumru says that Roshni is absolutely right.

Update credit to: Afaq

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