Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni asking Aman to protect Armaan. She removes the chain and says that you can defeat evil for the good of your son and your family, for us. Saaya jinn says now look what your husband does to you and your baby. Aman runs to take Armaan away. He sees Armaan smiling. Roshni worries. Aman becomes normal. Hug Armaan. The evil mark of Saaya’s geniuses goes out of everyone’s hands. Everyone becomes normal. Everyone gets together and sees Saaya jinn. Roshni says that evil cannot stand up to love. Aman says that no one can defeat us until we have love between us, according to the promise, tell me another alphabet of the name of Kaala jinn. Saaya jinn screams and disappears. Aman says thank you for bringing me back. Roshni thanks for maintaining my trust.

They all hug. The blue parrot says you will find a grave here, Kaala jinn buried her humanity here, you will get all your answers here. Rehaan and Shayari look at the mountain. Shayari says that maybe Kaala jinn’s name is written on the grave. Aman says we now know two letters. Tabeezi says it’s just L and L, what can it be, we can know the name after the third lamp comes. Aman says after defeating the Lamp. Dadi says that we can’t believe the lamps are telling us the truth, if Kaala jinn really leaves our lives, we can’t believe him. Aman says we have no other choice. Roshni asks Tabeezi to find out the name of the book ilme jinn. Kaala jinn comes and says you’re working hard, but you can never find my name. Aman calls Baazigar. Shayari says that this is the grave of Kaala jinn. Rehan says that only Kaala jinn is written here. She says yes, there is no name here. Rehan asks how we’ll find out. She says maybe it’s written behind the grave. They don’t see any names.

She asks what we will do now. Aman asks why you came here. Kaala jinn says I can help you, if you say my name, then you will not face the third lamp, I will go. Aman says that you are afraid, that you are not here to help us, you think that we will find your name by defeating the third lamp as well. Rehan says we didn’t find anything. Shayari says we can’t find it if you get mad, I’m thinking of something. Ask what, about golgappa. She said yes. She asks you to give her some other idea. She asks if you can see fire here. He said no. She then says why the name is mountain of fire. She says I don’t know. She says there would be a reason. She says it may not be a mountain of fire. She says yes, maybe it is, something is hidden if there is fire here, it can come out in a way. Rehan does the magic. See the fire. She has a clue. They smile. Roshni receives a call. Kaala jinn says you can say my name and save yourself, otherwise get ready to face the third lamp. Rehan says we’ll tell him the name soon. Shayari opens the letter. Aman says we don’t want your help. Roshni says wait, Rehan and Shayari are finding the name. Natasha arrives and attacks Shayari. Rehan holds Shayari. Kaala jinn says that everyone will die soon. Everyone is surprised. Natasha receives the letter. Kaala jinn says you won’t be able to win. Aman says send the third lamp, we are ready to find your name. Kaala jinn say whatever you want. It disappears. Roshni says Rehan and Shayari…. Dadi says nothing will happen to them until they are together. The third lamp appears.

Aman and Roshni are sleeping. Roshni hears a baby cry. See Armaan sleeping. Aman also gets up and controls Armaan. They go out and see the lamp. They hear the scream. They go back to their room. She says two cribs. She takes Armaan on her lap. They don’t see the baby, but the crib rocks. They get scared when they see the flying toys. Aman works magic. The crib and the toys disappear. Aman asks what is this problem. Roshni says it’s a baby, what will we do. Rehan and Shayari beg Natasha to give them the letter. Natasha says good job, they both thought about using me and getting the name, I thought the same, I won, thanks for helping me. Check the letter. She reads and says that Kaala jinn’s name is Zalala. The earth shakes. Natasha enters the floor. Rehan and Shayari are shocked. Rehan saves Shayari and takes her in his arms. They try to leave. The entrance to the mountain is closed. Your phone is seen there.

Tabeezi gives Aman and Roshni a solution. She spins a bottle.

Update credit to: Afaq

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