Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 11, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Phupi under the spell. She forgets about everyone and gets mad at them. Roshni looks worried. Phupi doesn’t remember them. Mahira asks who has ruined my good plan. Phupi asks Roshni to come back. Roshni sees the mark on her hand. Roshni says no need to call a doctor, I’ll find a solution, just keep an eye on it. She goes. Shayari whistles. Rehan seriously asks, I think you lost your mind, why are you whistling?

She asks him to shut up if he doesn’t know. It says enough, I know I’m handsome, it doesn’t mean you’re going to whistle. She says you think I’m whistling when you see you. He nods. Go to Hamlal. Tabeezi says that Roshni is right, Mahira and Phupi are behaving strangely. Roshni says yes, it is the second lamp to do so, the same symbol of the lamp is in her hands, it is like opposite triangles. Tabeezi reviews the book. Roshni says this brand. Tabeezi says that this is the mark of Saaya jinn, he works as a mirror, who sees in the mirror amplifies his evil. Roshni says that’s why this happened, that he will kill the family. Tabeezi says he will make enemies of all of us. Roshni says we have to do something. Tabeezi says yes. Take his ring and pray. See some juice appear in a cup. She says we will make the juice and then no one will be able to see Saaya Jinn after consuming this juice. Shayari catches Hamlal. She says she was whistling to catch it, it’s Natasha’s gun. Rehan says it’s useless to us. Shayari says you should use the sense of others if not, Hamlal always stays with Natasha, records everything, we can use it to get information. Rehan asks if you know how to use it. Hamlal flies away.

Sara and Saima begin to fight. Phupi and Mahira fight. Roshni stops Phupi. Dadi tugs Salma’s hair. They also fight. Tabeezi and Roshni are surprised. Roshni sees Saaya jinn. Hamlal shows the video. Natasha meets Kaala jinn. He asks you to send the three dangerous geniuses to Aman’s house. Rehan asks why you didn’t catch Hamlal earlier.

Kaala jinn says they don’t know my name, nobody knows my name, they can find it in the mountain of fire. Rehan and Shayari are shocked. Roshni says I just saw Saaya jinn. Tabeezi says he would have gone to target someone. Roshni says that Armaan is alone in the room. Tabeezi sends it. Roshni comes to Aman and says thank God you’re here with Armaan, there is a big problem here, talk to Tabeezi, go away, I’ll stay here. Aman becomes an avatar of geniuses. Push Roshni back. She is shocked. She asks him to drink the juice, it will be fine. He throws it out the window. She falls near the pool. He smiles and takes the baby. Roshni gets hurt. She worries and gets up.

She screams no. Aman says I’m enjoying doing this, I wish to tie them all up with rope and throw them away, I’ll give the baby to Kaala jinn. He goes. Natasha comes and says sorry, the fire mountain secret will be just a secret. Try to take Hamlal. Rehan uses his powers. She attacks him and retrieves Hamlal. She desapears. Shayari asks where we will find the mountain of fire. Roshni runs after Aman. He asks her not to go after him. She says you’re going the wrong way, don’t worry, Tabeezi and I will find a way to make you feel good, please don’t let Saaya jinn win.

He says that you have changed me, I am not like that, it is enough, I have become what I really am, I do not have an angel’s heart, you have your crying face, I will be who I am, I am sick of you and your goodness. He asks you not to get ahead of yourself. They all fight and come there. Mahira asks if we play catch the ball with the baby, it will be fun. Aman says we’ll play. Everyone is happy. Roshni says no, don’t do this. Roshni keeps the baby. She is hurt. Aman becomes normal. She looks at Aman. She says please stay the same. It turns evil again. Says you can’t change me now.

Aman runs towards Roshni. She says don’t force me, you are my husband, my love. She chains him up.

Update credit to: Afaq

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