Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 28, 2020 Written Episode Update

The monsters arrive at the Khan mansion. The family is afraid. Shayari says that she has never in her life with such rare animals. Rubina says that these are Jinn’s black slaves and they came from the black world. Roshni asks why they came here. Aman takes her wand and attacks them thinking that she will not let them get near her son. They scatter black smoke and vanish. Aman calls Roshni, Rehaan, Shayari. Rubina says this is black smoke and they don’t see anything. Roshni says that they cannot harm Armaan and uses her magic to clear the smoke. They run into Armaan’s room and find smoke and noise inside the house. Aman asks Shayari and Rehaan to go from behind while attacking from the front. He and Roshni try their best to break it from the front while Rehaan and Shayari from behind. Jhumru sees the baby and says that he will protect the baby. The roof breaks and begins to fall. Jhumru reverts to his original form and says that everyone thinks the baby will become the next black Jinn, but that he will turn into the black Jinn after killing the baby.

Roshni, Jhumru, Rehaan, and Shayari get tired of seeing that their magic doesn’t work. Aman asks Rubina to find some way. Anjum, Salma and others join them. They hold hands and chant mantras they attack once and burst black smoke. Then everyone opens the door and runs inside. Roshni picks up the baby while Aman asks Jhumru if he’s okay. Jhumru nods his head. Anjum sees Armaan’s eyes and thinks if Armaan did all this. Jhumru smiles and requests not to scold Armaan as he was just trying to befriend Armaan, but Armaan got mad and did all of this. Roshni thanks God Armaan and Jhumru are okay. Aman says that black geniuses used to tease them when he was alive, the coronation ceremony of geniuses is coming up and Armaan wants to become black geniuses. Rehaan says that maybe Jhumru did all of this. Shayari warns him to stop blaming Jhumru, as he is a victim and supports Armaan’s evil. Jhumru sitting in swinger smiles. Shayari says that she will try to find out about Jhumru’s family. Rubina says that even she will. Jhumru says that he will not only keep Armaan away from evil, but also from his family.

Rubina receives a magic book, opens it and says that the good genius says that Armaan’s evil can disappear and is about to read on when Jhumru creates a storm and changes the prediction. Once the dust is cleared, a magic blanket emerges from the book. Rubina asks Roshni to wrap Armaan, she will protect Armaan. Jhumru thinks that the blanket will not let Armaan sleep and that he will become very weak, so he will attack Armaan.

Shayari and Rehaan walk to question Armaan. His nok jhok begins and Shayari taunts him to give his mustache some fresh air while questioning Jhumru. Jhumru walks up to them and asks what. Shayari says about his parents. Rehaan says to fire him. Jhumru stiffens. Shayari says they just want to meet with their parents. Jhumru says he doesn’t remember anything. Rehaan says he may not want to do it on purpose. He sees a locket on his neck and asks if he can verify that he removes it. Shayari encourages Jhumru.

Roshni tries to put Armaan to sleep, but he doesn’t. Aman says his baby is special and has a different sleep cycle. Roshni says he’s not sleeping since he was wrapped in a magic blanket. Aman says that Rubina told him that this blanket will protect Armaan, so he should have some confidence. Roshni falls asleep and sees a monster walking towards Armaan. She wakes up and sees Jhumru standing up and asks him what he’s doing here. She says she wasn’t sleeping. Roshni says that she will put the two of them to sleep and walks into the room. Jhumru believes that it will make Armaan fall asleep forever and turn into black geniuses.

Precap: Jhumru tells Aman that his parents are impossible to find. Aman says that Shayari and Rehaan found them and went to meet them. Jhumru stiffens.

Update credit to: Aurangzeb

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