Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 26, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins when everyone is surprised to see some monsters in the house. Some time ago, Jhumru asked if this is my room. Aman says yes, this room is yours and everything here is yours. Decorate the room and get all the necessary things with its magic. He asks Jhumru to go play. Jhumru likes everything. Aman asks him to forget everything. Roshni asks what happened. Jhumru says I’m thinking about what to call you, we don’t have any relationship but you feel like family, can I call you Chachu Chachi? Aman and Roshni say yes. They smile. Aman asks him to get some rest. Jhumru falls. She asks what happened, how the bed got away. He sees Armaan smiling. Jhumru says I don’t think I know how to sit. Aman says no, there would be a problem in bed. Jhumru says I want some noise to fall asleep, I’m scared of silence, I used to listen to Kiki talk and sleep, can you stay here until I sleep?

Aman says yes, come. Put Jhumru to sleep. Shayari smiles upon seeing them. Rehan gets angry. She asks what happened, the boy helped us, you should give thanks, you are getting angry. Rehan says he didn’t see him, that he is claiming rights and made relationships. She defends Jhumru. She says I don’t like children, I don’t like to pamper them like Aman. They argue. She goes. She says Armaan would be more mature than her. It’s morning, Aman likes Jhumru’s painting. He asks is this Rehan, why is he angry. Jhumru says I don’t know, it always looks like this. Aman works magic and brings Jhumru with the family to draw. He says you should be with the family. Jhumru asks if I can fix it at the door. Aman says go. Roshni receives a call. She says we’ll just come. Armaan smiles and carries the stroller to Jhumru’s room. Roshni runs. The ball hits the stool. Jhumru falls. Roshni comes and stops the stroller. Aman runs towards Jhumru. He asks how you fell off the stool.

Jhumru says the ball hit the stool, he had seen Armaan’s blue eyes, I think it made me fall. Roshni asks why he will do this. He asks if you won’t leave me here, like my family won’t accept me, Armaan doesn’t like me and he did this. Aman and Roshni say no, we won’t let you go. Jhumru goes. Aman says that every time we try to do something, something happens, Armaan’s eyes sparkle. Roshni says maybe he’s doing it, but why. Aman asks if he’s jealous of Jhumru. Roshni says no, we love Armaan very much. She says that maybe her evil is overwhelming. She asks if Jalpari told the truth, he is your son, he will become Kaala jinn. She says don’t forget that she is also Ayana’s son, you won the bet that day, she will have more of you and less of me, don’t worry. He wipes her tears and hugs her. Rehan and Shayari arrive at Jhumru. Jhumru says that I will give a thank you card to Chachu and Chachi. Rehan asks if you wrote thank you, I don’t understand.

Jhumru says I never went to school, Kiki taught me. Rehan asks who will understand this. Shayari says it is good that you are learning, Aman and Roshni will surely understand your thanks. Jhumru asks if I can call you Chote Chachu. Shayari says no, you call me Bade Muchu. He laughs. Will give the card. Shayari and Rehan argue. He says I don’t believe him, I don’t know what it is. Shayari says he is just a boy. Tabeezi arrives at Aman and Roshni. He says we don’t have time, Armaan will be the next kaala jinn, crown night is coming, we have to be vigilant. Aman stops her. Jhumru approaches them and asks them what he was saying, what will happen, if Kaala jinn will return.

Aman says no, don’t be scared, come. Jhumru says he will catch me and cage me in some cave. Roshni says no, we won’t let it happen. Tabeezi says not to worry. Jhumru shows the thank you card and says I made it for you, I don’t know how to write well but I tried writing thank you. Roshni thanks him for saving Armaan’s life. They hear some strange sounds. Tabeezi says that it is the same sign of the night of the black crown. Aman asks Jhumru not to fear. He says you won’t leave this room until we get back, stay here with Armaan. Jhumru says promise. They go. Tabeezi says we have to stop them. The family is surprised to see some monsters. Rehan asks what this is all about. Shayari says I didn’t see such strange animals. Tabeezi says that they are slaves of Kaala Jinn, they came to greet him before the night of the crown. Aman says I will not let my son come near. Aman signs Rehan. They do magic. The monsters disappear. A black moon appears.

They love and everyone sees the dark. Jhumru freaks out. Armaan looks. They all arrive in the room and see Jhumru unconscious.

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