Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman saying that we will keep an eye on her, that she can attack anyone. Rehan says we’ll watch her shift by shift, you can come when I’m tired, take care of Armaan. Tabeezi asks him to be careful, she is very dangerous. Rehan goes to the pool. Jalpari smiles. Shayari gets there and sees her. She says she looks innocent, but she’s really bad. Jalpari asks Rehan to go to sleep. She says you don’t need to rest, you are a powerful genius. Rehan says you talk a lot, your magic won’t work here. She thinks Khanna didn’t know me, she left the files here. She pours water on his hands. Rehan is surprised to see a flying dragon. Jump down. She imagines the dragon and fights. Jalpari says that he is seeing what is not there. Rehan jumps into the pool.

Aman and Roshni laugh. Aman says that Armaan doesn’t sleep, as he is a genius. Roshni says she has Ayana’s powers. Displays the powers of Armaan’s geniuses. She says no, her powers Ayana. The vase hits the mirror. Shayari falls asleep. She gets up and says that I’ll go see Rehan once. Jalpari takes Rehan’s hands and hypnotizes him. He smiles. It also becomes a mermaid. Armaan smiles. Roshni says her eyes are turning blue. Aman sees that the water turns black. She asks Roshni why the water turned black. Roshni says she wants to tell us something, Rehan … They’re coming by the pool. They are surprised to see Rehan with Jalpari. Rehan comes out and says my ring actually fell into the water, so I went to grab it. Roshni asks are you okay? He says yes.

Rehan doesn’t remember anything. Says she didn’t do anything. Aman says you jumped into the water, just for a ring, it’s a beautiful ring. He smiles. Rehan asks them to go rest. Aman says yes, we’ll go, you’re here. Rehan says yes, you go too. Shayari says wait, remember that I told you that we have to find a good genius, to help us close the door of hell of geniuses, I found out, someone has to come with me to find him. Come to Rehan.

Shayari asks Rehan to come, Aman and Roshni have to be with Armaan. Roshni says yes, it will be wrong to send Shayari alone, to go with her. Aman says it is necessary to close the door, we should find the geniuses. Rehan says it’s okay, I’ll go if you say so. Aman asks Roshni to leave, he will keep an eye on Jalpari. Jalpari smiles. Roshni says I don’t want to leave you alone here, please come. Aman says he is an imp to keep an eye on her. She says yes, but we can watch from our room, come on. They go. Jalpari throws some water. Armaan drops his blanket there and prevents the water from reaching them. Rehan thinks about why I think I’m forgetting something.

Shayari thinks she’s thinking about Jalpari. She argues with him. Ask where we are going. She says Kiki, black cave. Ask what. She says key manufacturers. Joke She says that Kiki knows all the portals and doors, she helps everyone, she is really good. Aman and Roshni come jalpari. Aman says parents can’t sleep, but here Jalpari ruined our sleep, normal people have a good life, I feel like if I wasn’t the jinnat king and you weren’t Ayana, our life would have been beautiful. Roshni says that it is still beautiful, we have Armaan, we also have the advantages of our powers. They remember. Aman says I’ll get Armaan’s blanket and go. Jalpari stares at him. He takes the wet blanket and stays in the chair. The water falls to the ground. Shayari says we’re here, let’s go. Rehan says I’m fine, we’ve come a long way. Aman and Roshni sit talking. The water spreads on the ground.

Jalpari tries to hypnotize Aman and Roshni. They are both mesmerized. They fall into the pool.

Update credit to: Aurangzeb

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