Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka October 8, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni takes Armaan away. Aman stops her and asks where she is taking Armaan. It says grass for a walk. She says she should rest. She asks if there is a problem. He remembers yesterday’s incident and nervously says that there is no problem and that she can go. Daadi asks Aman why he let her go. She says she had no choice, that they will watch her. Roshni returns home alone. Aman asks where Armaan is. She says he liked the fresh air so he let it in. Aman sees Armaan’s walker suspended in midair, runs towards it, and knocks it down with magic. Roshni returns to normal, worried she asks what happened to Armaan, and taking Armaan she asks Aman how she can get Armaan out cold, she pampers Armaan and takes him away. Aman remembers Tabeezi saying that Roshni is repeatedly taken over by black geniuses and that she has to do something soon.

Rehaan goes to the lab and is shocked to see Natasha there who died after revealing to her about black geniuses. He asks what is she doing here. She says her inner genius died, she is alive. He asks her to stay away from him. She finds a blue box that Tabeezi reported and sees 2 bottles of potions in it, she remembers Tabeezi saying that her smell would be pink. She opens a wrong bottle and smells it, so Natasha and their souls swap their bodies.

Aman informs Roshni that the crown of black geniuses repeatedly seizes her and forces her to do bad things. Roshni is tense. Aman meets Tabeezi and other family members and asks how they will administer the potion to Roshni. Tabeezi shows a dart and says through it. Natasha enters holding Rehaan’s wand and rope. Saima asks why Rehaan is holding Natasha’s rope and wand. Natasha walks up to Aman and tells her that there is no time to explain. Daadi asks why he speaks like Rehaan. They listen to music and rush to the living room to see Roshni possessed by black geniuses dancing to the song of Khali Bali…. She insists that everyone dance with her. Family dances. Roshni returns to normal. Aman is about to inject her with a potion when she turns back to being a black genius and asks him why he doesn’t dance with her. She says she enjoys her dance. She says she will enjoy it only if he dances. She becomes Roshni again. He tries to throw a dart at her when she turns back into a black genie and dances, then switches back to Roshni. Aman throws darts at him when he turns back into a black genie and injects himself with a potion to permanently turn into a monster black genie. The family is surprised to see that.

Precap: Roshni asks Aman, who is the king of geniuses, if he is afraid of black geniuses. Says it is not. She asks for his hand and ends their relationship.

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