Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka October 5, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ayan throws the car towards Daadi and complains that Daadi broke her car. Roshni says Daadi broke it by mistake. Ayan says that mistake is a mistake, whether it is made by a daadi, a daadi of daadi or a daadi of daadi, it should be punished. Aman says it is not necessary. Ayan says that he is getting angry and creates a circle of fire around Daadi. At Tabeezi’s house, Rehaan tries to comfort Armaan to no avail. Armaan calms down when Shayari hugs him. Rehaan says Armaan is silent when they take him near the sink. Shayari says let us see and leads Armaan to the sink. Tap water flies off and lights a circle of fire around Daadi. Everyone is surprised to see that. Ayan then ties Daadi to a pillar and lifts her up. Aman gets angry and slaps Ayan. Ayan gets angry. Roshni asks him to calm down when dad slapped him by mistake. Aman says the same. Ayan’s eyes burn with anger. Roshni creates butterflies around Ayan, and he calms down and walks away. Roshni takes down Daadi. Aman says they need to keep Ayan calm. Tabeezi says that he committed the first sin and if he commits 2 more sins, he will become completely black genius. She says that later she will steal something precious.

Roshni then video calls Rehaan to see Armaan. Shayari informs her and Aman that Armaan won’t let them turn off the tap. Roshni and Aman realize that Ayan sent tap water to set fire around Daadi. Rehaan says that means Armaan knew about Ayan’s movements. Shayari says it is called twin telepathy, Armaan can prepare the mind of his twin Ayan. Roshni and Aman hear Saima scream and run off. They are surprised to see Ayan lifting Saima up in the air and insisting on saying where Armaan is. Aman asks him to get Saima down and calls his wand / bird Bazigar. Ayan asks what this bird is. Aman says that Bazigar is his companion and protector. Ayan says that even he needs a partner and leaves Saima. Roshni with magic protects Saima from falling. Ayan leaves saying that at all costs he will find out where Armaan is.

Shayari scatters Sangmarmar beads around Armaan. Rehaan asks if he will really protect Armaan. His nok jhok begins. A protective barrier forms around them and Armaan. They see a mini Bazigar near Armaan and report to Aman and Roshni. They are perplexed. Tabeezi says they need to find out what Ayan wants to steal. They hear Ayan trying to start the car. Roshni and Aman run out and stop him. Get out of the car. Aman calls Bazigar, but he goes and sits on Ayan’s shoulder. Ayan describes how he stole Bazigar and says that they are foolish to think that he wanted to harm Armaan, who committed the second sin now and will soon commit the third sin. Roshni begs you not to do that. Ayan walks away with Bazigar.

Precap: Ayan says that he will turn into a black genius after committing the third sin and kill his family. Roshni and Aman beg not to kill the family. Ayan says they will see the family sacrifice.

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