Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka October 2, 2020 Written Episode Update

Aman holding Armaan apologizes for forgetting that along with the blood of geniuses, even Ayana’s blood runs through his veins; Even if Jinns blood makes mistakes, Ayana’s blood prevents Armaan from making any mistakes. Roshni sees fire raining down and asks Aman to stop him. Says it is not. Rohni asks that this means that the crown of black geniuses is descending on the earth. Aman says yes and they rush home. The family closes all the doors and Tabeezi creates a protective circle around Armaan’s crib. The whole family does magic together. The rain of fire stops. Aman asks what it means. Tabeezi says that according to the book of geniuses, when the rain stops, the crown will descend. The door smashes into pieces and monsters enter. Aman asks Roshni to protect Armaan and rushes to attack the monsters. The whole family fights with monsters and destroy them. They see Armaan well and they think something happened to Armaan. Roshni says it’s okay. Aman says that doesn’t mean he is safe and asks Roshni to protect him.

After some time, Roshni sees Aman fall calling her and runs towards him. He sees Aman alive and asks if he’s okay. Ask what happened. She says that someone is cheating on them and they both run towards Armaan. They both run out of the house with Armaan. Roshni says it would have been nice they weren’t involved in all this, she would have run the bakery and they would have lived happily. She misses her other son, Baby Rooh, and says that if he had been alive, her family would be complete. They come home. The family rejoices to see Armaan safe. Aman sees the shadow of the black genie crown and attacks it asking Roshni to run with Armaan. Tabeezi reports the shadow of his crown and not the royal crown. The royal crown emerges. An invisible child crawls into it and is about to attack Roshni when Arman protects her. Corona disappears. Roshni hears the baby cry and finds Arman smiling, he says there is another baby present here. The family finds Baby Rooh and rejoices saying that the crown of black geniuses returned to Baby Rooh, Armaan got his brother back, and his family is complete. Come crown on Baby Rooh. Tabeezi says that this crown will be on the baby forever. Roshni asks if it will harm the baby. Tabeezi says no.

At night, Roshni walks on the terrace and looks up at the sky. Aman walks towards him. She asks who is with the babies. Aman tells Rehaan and Shayari and says he wants to have a good time with her all night. She gets shy. Create a romantic atmosphere and dance romantically with her. Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein .. The song .. plays in the background. Both are engraved on each other.

Precap: Roshni and Aman are surprised to see Aman’s doppelganger.

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