Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka October 1, 2020 Written Episode Update

Jhumru informs Aman and Roshni that he is more powerful than them as he is a red genius. He goes on to say that Rehaan and Shayari are dumber and will be killed now. He reveals how he entered their lives, tried to harm Armaan, changed the blanket and tried to weaken him, forced them to adopt him by calling the orphanage as Roshni, etc. He says that he will now finish his task and heads towards Armaan’s room. Aman and Roshni run towards Armaan’s room. Rehaan and Shayari escape Jhumru’s attack and try to find clues in the cave. They read the scriptures about black geniuses and are left confused.

Jhumru enters Armaan’s room and is about to kill him when Aman and Roshni enter and attack him. Jhumru says that they can’t do anything because their magic won’t work on him. Aman says he can’t hurt him, but she confuses him. He creates multiple cribs and says that now he can’t reach Armaan. Jhumru reverts to his old original form and says that he cannot communicate with Armaan, but his own parents will take him to his younger brother. Burns cribs. A worried Roshni begs Aman to do something. Aman lights a fire and disappears fake cribs. Roshni chooses Armaan in concern. Jhumru grabs Armaan and disappears. Roshni and Aman search Armaan throughout the house and cannot find him. Tabeezi says that he knows how to find Armaan and with his magic reveals where Jhumru took Armaan.

Jhumru takes Armaan out to kill him when he is glad to see the fire rain and says that the crown of black geniuses is coming soon. You see Jamuni / purple mountain and fountain and think you don’t care, let him finish with Armaan first and hike up Jamuni mountain. Aman with Roshni gets there and tries to stop him, but he says that they will see his son kill another and burn Armaan in the rain of fire. Aman and Roshni are surprised. Jhumru laughs saying that he killed his rival and that now he will become black geniuses. He gets the crown of black geniuses and tries to change his black clothes, but cannot. Aman smiles and Roshni retrieves Armaan. Jhumru is shocked to see Armaan alive and says that he killed Armaan just now. Rehaan and Shayari enter. Aman informs him that only a family member can kill Armaan, how Rehaan informed him of the truth of Jhumru and how he acted as the signer of the adoption papers and forced him to approach the Jamuni source where he can be killed. Attack Jhumru. Jhumru falls. Shayari says that evil has reached its destination. Jhumru sees him hanging holding a stone.

Precap: Roshni sees Aman fall and runs towards him.
He sees Aman well and says that someone cheated on them. They run towards Armaan.

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