Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 6, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ayan tells Roshni that if he can’t kill Armaan then he will kill family members. Roshni begs you not to do that. Ayan says she can. Rehaan tells Aman that Ayan has changed and that they need to stop him. Aman remembers Ayan telling him that only the sword of the king of geniuses can stop him, so he gets the sword. Ayan says this is the sword king of jinn, Abbu only loves Armaan and not him. Aman says that she loves even him and asks that they stop thinking about killing Armaan or his relatives. Ayan says that he too is unyielding like abbu and turns towards family members when Aman throws a sword at him. Roshni intervenes and carries the sword, seriously wounding himself. Aman, Rehaan and Shayari run towards her. Ayan sees the third black circle complete and thinks that she should kill Ayan somehow now. Aman asks Roshni why he did this. Roshni says that Ayan is our son and that he cannot allow himself to be punished. She loses consciousness. Aman begs Tabeezi to do something. Ayan remembers Roshni’s love for him and gives his black crown to Roshni saying that he gave him life, so he will save even Ammi’s life. The family members are freed and run towards Roshni. Roshni wakes up. Ayan says that Ammi gave him life, so he is giving life to Ammi and leaves. She becomes soul again and says that Ammi warned her against the black crown, but she did not listen, now she leaves and will wait for Ammi in the other world. Roshni says emotionally that she loves him always. Ayan’s soul disappears.

Aman says that the crown of the black geniuses took away their Aman, so they don’t need this crown. Roshni angrily warns not to dare to touch him and collapses. Aman asks Tabeezi what’s going on. Tabeezi says that he fears Roshni will turn into a black genius and can only say so once Roshni is conscious. After a while, Roshni wakes up and calls Aman. Aman asks him if he’s completely okay. She says yes and is hungry. He smiles and asks her what she would like to have. She says Chinese. She brings you Chinese food. He receives evil spells again and throws them saying that he does not need Chinese. Aman asks what happened to her. You say you need your crown, where is it? She looks for him. Aman closes the closet. Roshni returns to normal and asks Aman where her food is. He sees food on the ground and asks how it fell.

Aman informs Tabeezi that he is confused upon seeing Roshni’s mixed behavior. Tabeezi says that Roshni has turned into a black genie after 3 sins and Ayan’s sacrifice, but Ayana inside her stops her. Daadi asks how they can return her to Ayana. Tabeezi says with a magic potion. Rehaan says that he will bring it alone since Shayari has gone home. Tabeezi reports his location. Roshni enters with evil eyes holding Armaan. Aman asks where Armaan is being taken. Roshni returns to normal and asks what happened, he is taking Armaan for a walk. Aman says that she can and thinks that even if evil geniuses get hold of her, she will not harm Armaan. Roshni with evil eyes of geniuses walks away smiling.

Precap: Tabeezi says that when she attacks Roshni with a potion, she should be in her real form as she will be in the same form forever. Aman throws a potion at Roshni, she turns into a black genie and holds it up.

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