Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 31, 2020 Written Episode Update

Aman stabs himself thinking this is the only way to provoke the beast within him. He turns into a beast and lifts a heavy sofa with one hand. Roshni walks towards the fountain leaving Arman close by. He wakes up, finds himself in a dark place, and wonders if the source sucked him in. She uses her magic to no avail and calls out to Arman. Her mother’s soul emerges and moves. Roshni follows her to a closed trunk. Try to open it with magic to no avail. Aman walks towards Armaan. Daadi, Sara, Saima and Ammi hold him in chains and try to control him by singing the family motto. He pushes them away and frees himself. The voiceover says that only Roshni can correct it. Roshni pleads with her mother to sing the lullaby she used to sing. She remembers him and signs a lullaby. The trunk opens. Aman walks towards Arman while Daadi begs him to return to normal. It begins to rise and fall. Aman holds them. Family begs to leave stars. Daadi says that he does not know what he is doing, that he should leave stars or he will burn. The voiceover says that only Roshni can save Aman. Roshni finds a ring with a mark similar to her bracelet and thinks that it will protect it, thinks why ammi wanted to give her this ring and what she was doing for years.

Roshni comes out and kisses Aman. Aman is normal again and drops stars. One more star falls. Aman tries to catch it, but Roshni stops him. Aman says that this was the only way to get the sword of the king of geniuses and save it from the mishap of the night of the golden sun.

Rehaan asks Shayari to give him a mirror to break it, as they cannot get the ilme jinn book without breaking it. Shayari stops him and begins his nok jhok. She removes the book from the mirror with magic and goes with him. A monster comes out of the mirror.

Roshni asks Aman what he was doing. Aman says that this was the only way and that he cannot wait until the night of the golden sun to save her, he will do everything possible to save her and this is his love for her. Roshni rests him and applies ointment to his burned hands. They spend quality time together.

Precap: The monstrous hand from the mirror is directed towards the sleeping Roshni, but stops when Aman enters the room.

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