Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 30, 2020 Written Episode Update

Tabeezi asks Roshni if ​​he will return the angel heart without competition. Roshni nods his head. Tabeezi says she must have realized that she is not fit to hold an angel’s heart. Roshni says that she may think the same. Tabeezi says that there is nothing in common between them, she is far superior to her. Roshni says that there is one thing in common between them, they share the same blood that she is the daughter of her brother Mansoor Ahmed Chaudhry. Tabeezi says he’s lying. Roshni says she just found out, she was looking for her family since childhood and did not realize that her aunt was close to her, her aunt used to help her when no one else; she did not inform Aman about coming here as he wants to protect her at any cost. Tabeezi says get ready to return the angel heart on the night of the golden sun. Roshni nods and leaves. Tabeezi thinks she can trust Roshni, but not Aman and thinks about registering Ilme Jinn.

Aman searches the library for a clue to the sword and discovers that he can get the sword from Roshni’s father, Mansoor Ahmed Khan. He calls Bazigar for more clues when Roshni walks in and asks what he is doing with Bazigar. Aman nervously lies that they are going for a walk. Roshni laughs. Aman says that Bazigar used to be slim before, but not now. Bazigar disappears. Roshni says that Bazigar doesn’t want to go for a walk and asks her to wait while she prepares food for him. Aman thinks he has to get out of the house somehow. Roshni returns and warns him to stay there. She goes out to look for vegetables when the rain falls alone on her and thinks that Aman is doing that, but cannot find him; think a nearby source must have done it. She returns to the kitchen to prepare the food and gets more clues, finally realizing that the source is calling her.

Rehaan and Shayari’s nok jhok continues. Shayari tests ilme jinn and asks her about the night of the golden sun. It reveals that there will be many wars that night and after. Rehaan says that this may be a duplicate ilme jinn and asks how to get out of it. The answer appears, they can’t find the way out and Rehaan says he told her it was false. Shayari says that since it is a copy and mirror of real ilme jinn they should read it on the opposite side and she finds the door.

Aman leaves the house and finds clues that she has to hold 3 stars in her hands and endure their heat to get the sword. She calls out to the stars, but is unable to tolerate her weight, so she thinks she has to provoke her bad side to tolerate her weight.

Precap: Aman stabs herself to provoke her evil side and throws a heavy couch into the air.

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