Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 28, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni tells Aman that he thinks they are trapped. She is trapped in a glass chamber. Aman uses magic, but it won’t work. Tabeezi laughs and says that her magic will not work, she needs the key to open the chamber and it is difficult to get the key from her; Roshni should prepare to die and blow blue smoke into the chamber. Roshni begins to suffocate. Rehaan suggests to Aman that she use her sword. Tabeezi asks if the sword is with him. Shayari says that according to Tabeezi, she has to use words to save Roshni. Tabeezi is shocked and yells that Shayari betrayed her and everyone betrayed her. Aman throws the sword into the crystal chamber while Roshni yells no. The crystal chamber disappears and the sword hits the older Ayana tied up. Tabeezi acts and says that Aman killed Ayana. She reveals that she had a fixed camera and found out that Aman didn’t drink energy drinks and found out that she made him kachra jinn, she also found out that Shayari was acting and she gave the sword to Aman herself. She reveals that she did all of this to obtain Roshni’s angel heart. She reveals how she convinced 2 ayanas to stop protecting the angel heart and when the elder geniuses refused, she made Aman kill her. Roshni asks if she is Ayana. Tabeezi says yes and reveals that he fought with black geniuses years ago and lost; when he returned, the protector Ayanas had given her angel heart to Roshni. She goes on and says that Aman sent Roshni near the dead bed as he will lose Ayana’s heart on the golden moonlit night.

Daadi and other family members join in. They ask Tabeezi why he betrayed them. Tabeezi says that Junaid married her with the wrong intention and after taking her wealth he threw her and her baby out of their own home, the family did not support her at the time, so why should he worry about them? Aman says that even though they lost their sword and charger, their family is their strength. Tabeezi continues to pour out her heart and walks away saying that Roshni will surely die and regain her angel heart. The family is disappointed to see Tabeezi’s change of tone. Aman says that they cannot defeat Tabeezi because he knows the solution to all problems. Daadi says that the ilme jinn book is her strength and that she would have changed it by now. Aman asks if there are any copies of that book. Rehaan says that there may be and that they should ask Shayari’s ustadji. Daadi asks him to take Shayari and meet Ustadji. Roshni says they don’t need to go anywhere and walks away. Aman signals Rehaan to move on.

After a while, Roshni says she is not stupid and knows that Rehaan went to find the copy of ilme jinn. She says she is tired of all of these struggles and it has been months since they have spent quality time with the family; she just wants to live a peaceful life with him, Armaan, and their family; she is ready to die after the golden moonlight night. Aman says that he disagrees with that and wants to spend his old age with her and see her wrinkles and white hair. They start their nok jhok and they spend quality time together laughing.

Precap: Roshni tells Aman that Tabeezi is her aunt. Aman says that his father killed Roshni’s parents and does not know how to ask him for forgiveness for his father’s sins.

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