Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 27, 2020 Written Episode Update

Aman walks towards Tabeezi remembering Tabeezi by throwing a magic potion at him and turning him into a kachra jinn. Tabeezi says nervously that he is tired and that he should rest. Shayari calls everyone and they all run away. Tabeezi believes that Natasha tricked them to save her. Natasha in Shayari’s body catches Shayari and says she was trying to spy and insists Roshni to tie her up. Roshni is about to tie up Shayari when Rehaan enters and exchanges Shayari and Natasha’s soul for a magic potion. Shayari thanks him for sliding her body back while feeling suffocated in Natasha’s body. Roshni ties up Natasha. Shayari informs everyone that Natasha was acting on Tabeezi’s order. Daadi doesn’t believe him and says that Tabeezi has been helping his family for years. Rehaan says that shayari saw Tabeezi with Natasha. They realize that Aman is missing and rush to his room where they see Aman asleep and Tabeezi around him. Roshni asks what happened to Aman and what is she doing here. Tabeezi says that Aman was tired and weak, so she gave him an energy drink and put him to sleep. Once she leaves, Aman wakes up and reveals what Tabeezi wanted to do and she is the one who turned him into a kachra jinn.

Tabeezi misinterprets Shayari as Natasha and tells her that she wants Aman to forget that she made him kachra jinn and that she will kill Roshni by drowning her in blue water and get her angel heart. Shayari says that Roshni is a powerful Ayana and that she cannot harm Roshni easily. Tabeezi says that of the 3 angels, only 1 protects Roshni’s angel heart, so it’s easy to kill her and snatch her heart and only Aman’s sword can save her. Shayari rushes to Aman’s room and informs Aman, Roshni, and Rehaan about the same. Aman says that even his sword is with Tabeezi and that they need to take it from him. Tabeezi senses that there is someone in the room and enters. Shayari sleeps in Aman’s place while Aman and Rehaan escape through the window. Tabeezi asks if Aman is still sleeping. Roshni says yes with her magic potion. Tabeezi leaves. Roshni and Aman spy on Tabeezi.

Tabeezi walks to her room and thinks that before 12 midnight tonight, she needs to know Roshni’s heart. Open the ilme jinn book and look at the sword of Aman that he hid there. Once he’s gone, Aman and Roshni come in and check the checkbook. They are surprised to see the sword there, they take it and flee from there. Come to Rehaan and Shayari in the living room. Roshni says she feels trapped. At that moment she is trapped in a glass chamber. Aman runs to her worried and tries to break the glass chamber with magic.

Precap: Tabeezi tells Roshni that he will get his angel’s geniuses back from Roshni at any cost and Roshni has to die for it.

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