Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 26, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni prepares in her room by looking in the mirror when Kachra Jinn / Aman comes in and braids her hair. He remembers Aman braiding his hair in a similar way and thinks that they are somehow connected and that he shouldn’t send kachra jinn to jinn jail. Tabeezi with Natasha see it on the tab screen. Shayari walks in and takes Roshni to a photoshoot. Tabeezi thinks that now the blue moon has come and once Roshni kills kachra jinn instead of sending her to jail, she will get her angel heart back from Roshni. After the photoshoot, Kachra jinn insists that Roshni prepare to turn ugly like him. Tabeezi believes that he will kill Kachra jinn and take Roshni’s angel heart. A black hole emerges in the wall. Tabeezi pushes Roshni towards him. Kachra jinn gets caught. Roshni imagines that the time he spends with Aman and Kachra jinn have the qualities of Aman, so he pushes it away. The family screams what he did.

Rehaan looks for Shayari and when he finds her, he says to go and punish Natasha. Shayari says that Natasha is not the real culprit, Tabeezi is the one behind all this. Rehaan is shocked and says that Tabeezi helped his family from the beginning. Shayari says she doesn’t know.

Roshni identifies Kachra jinn as Aman. The family asks why he saved kachra jinn. Roshni says they don’t know who he is and breaks Tabeezi’s magic potion. Kachra jinn turns to Aman. Roshni embraces him emotionally. Ayanas emerges and tells Tabeezi that Roshni identified Aman and proved that he was right. Tabeezi says that Aman turned to himself due to the blue moon and shows Roshni’s death order for kachra jinn. Junior Ayana says that upon seeing the death order, he trusts Tabeezi, so he regains his protection for Roshni’s angel heart. Senior says he still trusts Roshni and disappears.

Aman asks Roshni how he identified him. Roshni says that his heart identified his heart. Daadi says that Roshni really loves Aman. Roshni asks who turned him into a kachra jinn. Aman remembers Tabeezi throwing a magic potion at him and walks towards him. Tabeezi stiffens.

Precap: Roshni and Aman see Tabeezi doing magic and calling on the sword of the king of geniuses.

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