Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 25, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni returns home and informs Rehaan and Shayari of the whole incident and says that looking at the recent event and this incident, she is sure that something bad will happen, even the sword said that someone would harm her. Rehaan and Shayari agree. They have a long talk and decide to find out what is going on.

Natasha leads Tabeezi to a fire-breathing monster in a cage and presents her with her keys. Tabeezi thanks him and when he takes the keys from a box the door opens. Natasha cautions to be careful. Monster spits fire and they both run away. Shayari seeing Rehaan smile says that she is glad to see his softer side. She says it depends on the opponent. Tabeezi gets out of the car holding the key box and falls over. Rehaan tries to catch it, but Tabeezi soon catches it and hides it in his dupatta. Shayari looks at dupatta and asks why he is burned. Tabeezi lies that he must have while cooking and asks where they go. They say to find out the truth. Tabeezi asks them to be careful and to seek their help if necessary.
Vanita told Kabir: I chose Roshni for you, but it didn’t work out and I felt guilty because you blindly trusted my choice, but I want to correct my mistake, so I chose another girl for you and I’m sure it is. the best for you.
Kabir got bored.
He said in his mind: Why am I not happy when Mom chose a girl for me even though I always wanted to marry the girl she found? Why is my mind occupied by Sitara since the last days?
Vanita: The girl I chose for you is Sitara.
Kabir was surprised.
Kabir: Sitara?
Vanita: Yes, I had been watching them both since the last few months and I felt that they both had feelings for each other, I spoke with Aman and Roshni and they also said that Sitara loves them, but I want to know
Shayari, who is traveling by car with Rehaan, talks to her teacher and asks him to keep an eye on Natasha. He tells Rehaan that they must follow his teacher. She says she won’t, as she’s a genius herself and has better instincts when it comes to geniuses. His nok jhok begins.

Back at home, Tabeezi insists Roshni to attack the dragon lady and kill her, thinking that if Roshni kills the dragon, he will prove Roshni to be guilty and snatch her angel heart. Roshni is about to attack the jinn dragons when Shayari, through a video call, stops her and identifies the jin dragon as shola / fire jinn, who does not harm anyone, is very powerful and invincible. Aman says he spat fire on them and attacked. Shayari says that means someone stole shola jinn’s wealth, so if they find it and return it, the jinn will disappear. Tabeezi silently leaves and hides the wealth of the jinn dragons. The family brings jewels and sends them to the dragon geniuses, but burns them. The aunt holding her jewelry begs not to take them off. Jinn spits fire and turns it into an egg. Everyone be stocked.

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