Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 24, 2020 Written Episode Update

Phupi tells Daadi that the trash kachra / jinn must be gone. Kachra jinn / Aman comes in and asks who it was, he won’t go. They are afraid. Saima says they are afraid of him. He says he will make her ugly and that she will be afraid of herself. It makes her ugly. On the other hand, Shayari finds ilme jinn’s book page and thinks that only Tabeezi can read and possess it. She realizes that Tabeezi is not how she portrays herself. Kachra jinn continues to annoy Daadi and others and says it will make them all ugly. Roshni attacks them and causing him to fall drives the family away. She tells him that she believes that a person’s beauty does not matter and that only nature matters. He says that she is lying. She says she doesn’t lie. He says if she is not afraid of him. She says no. He says he will make her ugly, then she will know how he feels. She says that he can understand her condition. He says it will make the remaining members of his family ugly and searches them.

Natasha walks towards Shayari and with magic powder she exchanges her body with Shayari. She then ties up and hides Shayari in a room and calls out to Rehaan. Rehaan walks over to her. She says let’s go, Rehaan baby. Rehaan asks not to imitate Natasha and make fun of him, he doesn’t like cheap Natasha. Natasha in Shayari’s body fumes when hearing that. At home, Saima cries when she sees his ugly face. Kachra jinn sees her and feels sad and thinks why he feels worried about her instead of upsetting her more. Roshni informs Tabeezi that Kachra jinn made Saima and Ammi ugly. Natasha in Shayari’s body walks in and says they need to send Kachra jinn back to jinn jail. Tabeezi says that Shayari is right, Roshni has an angel heart and can send Kachra jinn back to jinn jail with an order. Roshni accepts and leaves. Natasha asks Tabeezi if he will send Kachra jinn to jail. Tabeezi says he will send him off-world permanently and force Roshni to approve the orders. Roshni returns. Tabeezi with orders asks Roshni to put Ayana’s seal on him. Roshni does. Tabeezi believes that Roshni approved his Khan Baba’s death orders.

Kachra jinn walks into Armaan’s room and sees him smiling at her instead of freaking out. Rohni walks in and says the baby likes it. Kachra jinn asks if she’s ready to go ugly. Roshni insists that Saima and Ammi get back to normal first. Kachra jinn does so and asks if she’s ready now. Natasha checks Shayari’s bag and finds food in it. She thinks about why she has junk things in her bag. Rehaan walks in and thinks why he is considering the food as junk. The phone rings with the Sheela ki jawani ringtone. Natasha says such a cheap ringtone. Rehaan says that it is his ringtone and upon recalling the recent incidents he realizes that he is Natasha in Shayari’s body.

Shayari informs the family that Tabeezi is helping Natasha.

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