Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

Shayari sees Natasha with someone / Tabeezi and follows her to the hospital, but they both hide. They both try to leave when Aman walks in and asks Tabeezi what he’s doing with Natasha. Tabeezi says he knew he would come here to get his mother’s report and throws a liquid at him that makes him an ugly man. Natasha asks what he did. Tabeezi says that Roshni will not identify Aman and may harm him, then he will prove to Ayanas that Roshni is not fit to hold the heart of an angel. Natasha asks what happens if Aman tells the family the truth. Tabeezi says that she will make him forget and not speak in front of the family. Aman comes walking home, people are afraid of his ugliness. He comes home and calls Roshni and his family. Roshni walks up to him and asks who he is. He is about to speak when Tabeezi walks in and throws liquid at him. Aman starts chattering. Roshni asks him what he means. Daadi worries and asks Roshni to stay away from that man. Roshni says the man wants to say something.

Shayari tells Rehaan that someone is helping Natasha and that they need to find out. They arrive at Natasha’s house with their usual continued nok jhok, where Shayari is trapped in a glass box and the time bomb begins to work. Rehaan reports that it will explode in 2.5 minutes. Shayari panics saying that she is not even married and that she has not had children, that she does not want to die soon. Remake calm. Shayari asks him to run away and save her life. He says that he will live or die alone with her and using his magical forces he breaks crystals and hugs her.

Aman comes out and thinks about why he can’t speak in front of the family. He washes his face and it gets uglier. Tense returns home. Daadi insists Roshni to send an ugly man to protect the family. Tabeezi says that she found out that he is trash kachra / jinn and is punished for his heinous acts. Saima and Saira say that they are afraid of the ugly man. Aman tries to speak again, but babbles. Roshni says he wants to tell him something and follows him. He takes her to his room. She feels like she knows him before. Tabeezi in hiding spews liquid on Aman making him aggressive. Aman pushes Roshni away. She falls, but with Armaan’s magic she is suspended in midair. The family worries, but relaxes when they see her safe. Tabeezi decides to make Aman more aggressive and force Roshni to punish him, then he can prove Roshni to be cruel and take his angel heart from him. Roshni says that her son Armaan saved her once again.

Precap: Roshni writes punishment for trash kachra / jinn.
Tabeezi asks him to print Ayana’s stamp on the order. Roshni does. Tabeezi believes he wrote Aman’s death warrant.

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