Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 20, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Shayari saying that Kaala jinn is an enemy of King Jinnat by his sword, we will get something here. They look around. Everyone gets sad when they see the egg. Shayari receives the call from Roshni. Roshni says we didn’t get the treasure, Shola jinn wants something else, we try to give her everything. Shayari says that Shola jinn doesn’t turn anyone into an egg. Roshni says that maybe he’s trying to tell us something. Shola jinn says Khazana. You see some light forming outside on the grass. A treasure box appears. Aman says we gave you the treasure.

Rehan says we didn’t get any leads here. Shayari says there is someone here. Rehan magically moves the ricks. Come to Jhumru dead. It tells how it got here. Shayari says to see the wound mark on his back. Rehan tells how he got here when he died near the purple jharna. Shayari takes a photo and says we will ask my teacher.

Dadi asks Baby if he can hear her. Cry at the sight of the egg. Aman asks Dadi not to worry, they will find out why Shola’s jinn came. Roshni says I don’t know you, I know you will never hurt us, we want to give you whatever you want, we don’t have the treasure. An egg appears in the treasure box. Breaks. Roshni asks if something happened. Shola jinn turns into a monster. Roshni is surprised. She asks what you want. She walks away from the fire. Sara arrives and is hurt by the fire. She turns into an egg. Everyone comes and is surprised. Roshni says that Sarah has turned into the egg. Aman asks where Shola jinn is. Roshni says he was here, he asked about the treasure, he got angry. Aman says it was our mistake, Tabeezi told us that she is dangerous, that we should have killed her. Roshni says she’s not our enemy, Shayari said she’s harmless. Aman says we can see that she’s hurting us, we better find her and kill her, stay here. Tabeezi arrives. Aman says that Shola jinn made Sara and Phupi hatch into eggs. Tabeezi says she knew, it’s not a solution to send her, we have to kill her.

Roshni asks what, would there be some other way, I don’t think we should kill her, we should find her treasure. Aman says he’s an imp to protect the family, stay here. Tabeezi looks. Ustad ji sees the picture. She says I don’t think this Lal jinn died many days ago. Shayari says no, she fell into the purple jharna. It says someone killed him, we can know, he was killed by a sword, it is not an ordinary sword, it is the sword of King Jinnat. Rehan asks how, it broke in front of us. Ustad ji says no, the sword can never be broken, if the soul is extracted from that sword, then the soul can change any ordinary sword into the sword of king jinnat. Shayari says it means that someone had stolen the power of the king of Aman and then killed Jhumru. Rehan asks, but why would someone do this?

Tabeezi takes the sword in hand. She smiles. She says I’ll force Roshni to kill Shola jinn. Sharpen the sword. Aman sees her. Tabeezi says that this sword powder will make my job easier. It comes to her. She is shocked. She asks what. Ask if it’s hidden here. She asks what. She hides the sword behind. He asks if Shola jinn is hiding here. She says no. Says okay, what are you doing here? She says I was finding her too, I’ll come. He goes. She disappears the sword. She takes the powder. She says this will force Roshni to commit a crime. Roshni sees some blood marks. Open the door and see Shola jinn injured. It says to help you with the help. Dadi says we catch her, we catch her now. Shola jinn throws fire.

Aman catches Shola jinn. She asks Roshni to come quickly. Roshni looks. Tabeezi tells Roshni, attack her first, otherwise she will flee.

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