Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 19, 2020 Written Episode Update

Tabeezi works magic in her box and believes that a monster dragon will come here for sure and destroy things, Roshni has to fight and destroy it and then prove that Roshni is also cunning and does not deserve an angel heart. Roshni walks through the garden talking to her friend and sees a burning wall. She rushes in and informs Aman that she heard a strange sound outside and a burning wall. Monster flies behind Roshni. Roshni is sorry. Aman returns and says that there is no one outside. Roshni says he really heard a strange voice and a burning wall, someone is trying to hurt them, they need to search the whole house. Saima enters Armaan’s room with a bottle of milk and is shocked to see the monster spit fire at her. Roshni and Aman run towards her, and she informs him that something strange was near Armaan. They run in and see Armaan safe. The family gathers in the living room. Saima says she saw something like a fire-breathing dragon. The family says they should be careful. They get tense when they see claw marks on Armaan’s crib. Aman hears a sound and walks towards it and is surprised to see the flying dragon spit fire at her. She escapes and attacks her with bazigar, but the dragon disappears. Then the dragon appears near the family and spits fire at them. Roshni protects them. Aman runs in and cages the dragon. Dragon turns into a girl. Roshni asks who she is and Aman asks what she wants.

Shayari, who is traveling by car with Rehaan, talks to her teacher and asks him to keep an eye on Natasha. She tells Rehaan that they must follow their teacher. She says she won’t, as she’s a genius herself and has better instincts regarding geniuses. His nok jhok begins.

Back at home, Tabeezi insists Roshni to attack the dragon lady and kill her, thinking that if Roshni kills the dragon, he will prove Roshni guilty and snatch her angel heart. Roshni is about to attack the jinn dragons when Shayari, through a video call, stops her and identifies the jin dragon as shola / fire jinn, who does not harm anyone, is very powerful and invincible. Aman says he spat fire on them and attacked. Shayari says that means someone stole the wealth from shola jinn, so if they find it and return it, the jinn will disappear. Tabeezi silently leaves and hides the wealth of the jinn dragons. The family brings jewelry and sends it to the dragon geniuses, but burns it. The aunt holding her jewelry begs not to take it off. Jinn spits fire and turns it into an egg. Everyone be stocked.

Precap: Dragon jinn turns Saima into an egg.

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