Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni sees a woman following Aman and picks her up in the air. Aman asks who she is and what she is doing here. The woman begs him to defraud her. Roshni drops her and Aman hugs her. Roshni says it is the same woman he saw in his dreams. Aman asks who she is. The woman says it is the sword of Aman. Aman asks why he didn’t come when he called her. The woman says she felt guilty, so she came now. Roshni angrily asks why he came now. Aman asks why she is becoming insecure. The woman falls unconscious. Aman takes her into the room and tells Roshni that whether the woman is lying or not, they need to find out who sent her.

Rehan tells Natasha that they have to get married to exchange their bodies again. See the words on the magic card vanish. Natasha says they only have a few hours left and they should get married asap as they have no other choice. Rehaan agrees and informs the family that he is helpful. Aman says he wanted to commit to Natasha before saying he was powerless and now he says the same thing. Rehaan says this will be a fake marriage. Natasha, hearing them, thinks that once she marries Rehaan, she will end him. After a while, the family prepares for Rehaan and Natasha’s wedding.

Woman / sword wakes up and when she sees Tabeezi she says that her life is in danger because of her. She tries to get up but finds herself in chains. Tabeezi cages her in a suitcase and throwing her on the lawn walks over to Aman and Roshni and tells them that she has to go out to make some arrangements, thinking that she has to remove her sword from here soon. Aman and Roshni insist that he stay behind. Natasha and Rehaan’s wedding ceremony begins. Qazi saheb asks Natasha if she agrees to her wedding to Rehaan. She says yes and thinks that once she marries him, she will destroy her entire family. When Rehaan is about to accept, Shayari enters and with magic he hits their bodies again. Natasha is shocked and screams why she came back again. Shayari pulls Rehaan out of the blanket and scolds him in her own way. She says that the jinn shikaris have a lot of soul swapping potion, but Natasha lied and convinced Rehaan to marry her so she could kill her entire family. Natasha can kill them even now and calls the monsters. The family tries to destroy monsters to no avail. Aman calls his sword. Woman / sword gets up breaking chains and suitcase and running towards Aman she becomes a sword. Aman destroys monsters. Tabeezi escapes thinking that the sword will reveal her truth. Natasha disappears saying that she will be back soon.

Tabeezi meets the red geniuses and gives him a sword. He goes back to his old self and says that this is not the sword king of geniuses. She said yes. She asks him to bring a sword, otherwise he won’t help her. She shows him a bottle and says that he transferred the energy from the sword to this bottle, Rehaan could destroy monsters due to its power, but soon the sword will be a waste to him. Back at home, Roshni apologizes to Sword for doubting her. Aman asks who wants to hurt her. Sword says who he trusts the most and disappears. Rehaan says that it is a bad sign and that if the sword is not with Aman, now he is not the king of geniuses.

Precap: Roshni informs Aman that she saw a burning wall and a strange voice, before her word disappeared and now these things, someone wants to hurt her.

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