Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 15, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni pampers Armaan and remembering her as a black genie who tries to kill Armaan feels guilty and, apologizing, Armaan asks not to get angry with his ammi. Aman walks in and says that he is Ayana’s son and he knows that his Ammi was possessed by black geniuses so he helped him bring her back. He asks Armaan to forgive his ammi if he wants to be at peace. Armaan forgives Roshni and offers him his flower. Natasha and Rehaan enter saying that they cannot be in each other’s body and want to slide their bodies back. Roshni asks what’s going on. Aman reports that Rehaan consumed Body Sweep Potion and swapped bodies with Natasha. Roshni as Aman had changed his body with jadugar / black magician. Rehaan asks him to give her potion soon. Aman takes out the potion. Rehaan and Natasha try to snatch it up and drop it completely wasting it. Natasha cries because she doesn’t want to be in Rehaan’s body forever. Roshni asks them to relax, as he will find some solution. Natasha suggests taking the help of her guru / Tabeezi.

Tabeezi enters the cave of the black geniuses and remembers trying to kill the black geniuses killed by him. She believes it took her 200 years to finally finish the black geniuses, she continues as Tabeezi and now she wants to become Ayana. Use Tabeezi’s magic powder and get a comb. She fixes it on her hair and then throws it to find Ayana’s soul, but she goes back and thinks why her magic doesn’t work. Red jinn walks in and says that he can help her if he gets the sword from the king of jinnath. She agrees.

At home, Roshni wakes up to a dream that Aman is holding a girl. She asks Aman who that girl was. He asks how he can tell. She warns him not to dare touch any girl except her. Aman says why he will and assures him. Tabeezi returns and manipulates Aman and asks her to use her sword. Aman calls for her sword, but it does not come. She is surprised and says that something is wrong.

Rehaan looks for a solution in a magic book. Natasha asks him if he found a solution. Rehaan says that they have to get married because marriage means the fusion of 2 souls.

Tabeezi meets a red genie who scolds her and tells her that Aman can’t get his sword until he needs it. Tabeezi says he will do something then. A wizard / Roshni’s dream girl breaks the window and enters. Roshni finds a ring near the window and identifies himself as the one he saw the girl wearing in her dream. The girl magician is about to touch Aman when Roshni walks in and tells her the same ring the girl was wearing. Aman says that even Rehaan is wearing similar rings now and asks him to relax and allow him to complete his call. Roshni is not convinced. He sees a magical girl behind Aman and traps her through magic. Aman sees the girl in the air and asks who she is. Girl begs me to let her down. Roshni leaves her and Aman holds the girl, making Roshni angry and her bad dream come true.

Precap: Aman calls for her sword, but the mage / chudiya girl gets it. Aman asks who is trying to kill her. Chudiya says one who stole her strength and whom Aman trusts the most. Aman asks who.

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