Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni moves the sehra and finds Aman behind him. She asks where Jaadugar is. Jaadugar arrives and says that Aman attacked him. He tells Aman that doing those things doesn’t suit him. She had the right to marry Kaala Jinn. Aman tells him that he betrayed first. Jaadugar slaps him. Aman hits back and they fight. Roshni says enough. She uses her power and binds Aman in chains. The family comes to him to help. Roshni creates a shield so they cannot get out. She tells Aman to accept his defeat. No one can stop Nikah with Jaadugar. Jaadugar says that Aman’s punishment will be to see her marriage. They all try to stop Roshni saying that she will regret her decision, but she does not listen to anyone and marries Jaadugar. Aman feels the pain when Roshni says “Qubool Hai”.

Little Jinn says that he will give him the bottle only when Natasha kisses him. She attacks him and he is knocked unconscious. Rehan can’t find the bottle in his pockets.

Jaadugar asks Roshni to release Aman. Now he can’t do anything. She frees Aman. Jaadugar takes her hand in his and they head to Aman. Aman asks Roshni what he did. You married the wrong person. She was supposed to marry him. She asks Aman to accept the truth. Aman says it is a real Jaadugar. Jaadugar thanks Aman and opens a bottle. Suddenly, there is a smile on everyone’s face. Roshni asks what’s going on. Tabeezi says that she didn’t marry Jaadugar, she married Aman. They changed the bodies. Aman says it looked like she had married Jaadugar, but in reality, it was him. She says it’s a lie. Jaadugar says that Aman is right. He betrayed them. Aman says that now the Nikah is ready and no one can do anything, not even her. You will be surprised to learn that it was Arman who helped them.

In flashback, Arman gives the family a bottle. Tabeezi says it is used to slide bodies. Aman realizes Arman’s message.

Roshni says this is treason. Aman says that she also betrayed him when she got divorced. He says that that time he only gave the divorce, but now … He tries to attack, but his attack fails. Jaadugar disappears. Real Roshni returns. The love of Aman and Roshni defeated the Kaala Jinn. Roshni was about to fall. Aman takes her in his arms. Open your eyes and smile. Everyone is very happy. Tabeezi says that Kaala Jinn is gone from their lives forever. Aman and Roshni thank Tabeezi. Tabeezi says that he did nothing, he is the love of Aman and Roshni. Aman says that everything will finally be normal.

Tabeezi arrives in her room. IlmE-Jinn’s pages flipped. His resemblance appears and he says that the Kaala Jinn is finally over. She had enmity with him for years. The Kaala Jinn could do nothing despite being so powerful. Tabeezi smiles and says her path is clear now. Nothing can come between her and her target. She laughs.

Precap: A new girl enters the lives of Aman and Roshni.

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