Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 13, 2020 Written Episode Update

The family prevents Aman from stepping on the campfire with fire chains. Aman asks them to back off and let him go. Tabeezi prays to God to protect Aman. Aman enters the fire pit and is bound in chains. Aman writhes in pain and tries his best to break the chain. Tabeezi with the whole family begs Roshni to save Aman, otherwise the lava chains will burn him. Daadi says that Aman is her husband and that she should remember his love for her. Roshni says it was Aman’s decision and she can’t help. Daadi reminds her that she risked her life to save Aman once and that Aman can take her life and even sacrifice it. They beg not to be so selfish. Jaadugar Jinn flies to get a green diamond. Aman in pain calls Roshni. Ayana de Roshni’s avatar awakens and she emotionally calls Khan Baba breaking Aman’s chains and then turns into a black genius again. Aman gets her wand / bazigar and flying in the sky she holds a green diamond before Jaadugar Jinn could hold it. Jaadugar Jinn warns Aman to give it to him, otherwise he will kill Armaan. Aman says that he can’t even get close to Armaan. Jaadugar Jinn shows Armaan in a ball and says that he will throw Armaan into boiling lava. Aman hands him a green diamond helplessly. Jaadugar Jinn says that he always used his emotions to brain and lost again. They both return and Jaadugar Jinn gives Roshni a green diamond. Roshni says that she won the competition and that she will marry him.

Aman is discouraged and tells the family that he will lose Roshni. Tabeezi says that he can awaken Ayana de Roshni inside with his love, but if Jaadugar Jinn marries Roshni, no one can prevent him from turning completely into a black genius. Aman says that she will do everything possible and do anything to get Roshni back to her normal form. Roshni and Jaadugar Jinn get ready like grooms in black dresses. Aman enters Jaadugar Jinn’s room and knocks him unconscious from behind, wears Sehra and becomes the groom himself.

Rehaan and Natasha ask the dwarven geniuses to return the potion. The dwarf genius demands that Natasha kiss him. In the living room, Roshni enters for nikah and Aman in Jaadugar Jinn’s clothes enters as a boyfriend. The family begs Roshni not to marry Jaadugar Jinn and to think at least about her baby and Aman. Roshni says that Aman couldn’t even win swayamvar, that he will marry Jaadugar Jinn and become a full black jinn. Aman thinks he won’t let her turn into black geniuses. Roshni calls Qaazi saheb and asks him to start nikah. Daadi holds Armaan slides off and Aman holds her to her. Roshni is suspicious and raising her sehra realizes that she is Aman.

Precap: Qazi saheb asks Roshni and Jaadugar Jinn if they agree to marry and they say yes as Aman and his family watch helplessly.

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