Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Oct 12, 2020 Written Episode Update

Armaan helps Aman find the true magical peace of the moon. Aman thanks you. Rehaan gives him a rope and tries to pull the moon. The family joins him. The jinn magician says that Aman is doing well and making his job easier. Roshni breaks the rope. Aman tries again, but fails and says he has to get close to the moon. Rehaan says it will weaken. Aman says that if he doesn’t try, he will lose Roshni forever. He gets in his car and magically flies close to the moon and tries to break the moon, but to no avail. Close your eyes and, remembering the quality time you spent with Roshni, try again and smash the moon into 2 pieces. The pieces fall to the ground. The genius magician chooses a piece. Aman ducks down and runs to another piece when jinn lizard picks it up and freezes. Tabeezi says that lizards cannot tolerate cold and the moon is very cold, so it froze.

Aman takes the piece of moon from him and rushes inside, but the magical geniuses approach him. The family follows below. The man tells Roshni that she fulfilled her task and brought her a piece of moon. Roshni says he’s holding a pumpkin. Aman sees a pumpkin in his hand and says that the magical geniuses cheated. Roshni seven he cheated earlier and she had told him that whoever brought him the moon piece will win, therefore the genius magician won. Aman says he should have a chance again. The family says that Aman got a moon piece that the magical geniuses took away, so Aman should have one more chance. Roshni agrees and asks everyone to look forward to his next challenge.

Natasha tells Rehaan that they must hug for 20 seconds and exchange their souls. Rehaan agrees and they hug, but Rehaan feels like he’s cheating on Shayari as he loves her now and backs down at 17 seconds. Natasha asks what’s wrong, they’ve hugged before. Rehaan says it was passed. The dwarf genie becomes jealous when he sees Rehaan hug Natasha and steals the potion from Rehaan’s pocket.

Roshni hangs a green paper in the sky and says that it is precious and that she wants him on her throne, whoever brings it to her will marry her. She creates a fire pit and says they have to go through it. She says it’s not easy and getting frozen lizard geniuses puts him in a fire pit and burns him alive. Aman decides to get into it while the family begs him not to. He enters the fire pit and chains of fire bind his feet.

Precap: Roshni marries jadugar jin while Aman and his family watch them helplessly.

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