Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 7, 2020 Written Episode Update

The family waits for Roshni to return from Tabeezi’s house. Roshni returns and the family asks where Aman is. Roshni says in the mirror world. Daadi asks even after returning ilme jinn’s book. Roshni says that Tabeezi caught Aman in the mirror and won’t let him go free. Shayari says that Natasha sent the markab on Tabeezi’s order. Daadi says she did not know that Tabeezi could harm her family. Rehan says that Tabeezi did not keep his promise of blood that he made to Roshni, that he will not forgive her. Roshni stops him and says that he will free Aman at any cost, that he wants the whole family to live together until the night of the golden sun and hugs the family. Tabeezi’s magical tree falls with his unit. Tabeezi is enraged at seeing that and thinks that he has to destroy the Roshni family unit and control Ilme Jinn. She finds a solution and, looking at the keys, thinks she stole it from lal jinn. She enters a cave by opening her door and takes out a coffin. Roshni’s family is sorry and hopes that Tabeezi will not create any problems again.

Roshni suffers from a severe stomach ache. The family worries. Roshni says this is pain similar to what she felt during her kidney operation. Ammi reports that Roshni donated her kidney to Parveen. The family says that Roshni is not only good-hearted, but even sacrifices himself for the family. Saba asks why she didn’t inform them earlier when Aman blamed her. Roshni remembers the incident and says that he did not want to hurt Aman. She rushes to the bathroom and walks out smiling. The family asks what happened. She shows them a positive pregnancy test. The family rejoices to see that. Enter Shayari and Rehan. The family reports that Roshni and Aman will become parents again. They congratulate Roshni. Rehan gets mad at Roshni because if he hadn’t forgiven Tabeezi and killed her, they wouldn’t have faced any problems now. The family asks him if he is unhappy with the news of Roshni’s pregnancy. He says yes and congratulates her. Shayari scolds him. On the other hand, Tabeezi awakens 2 evils from the coffins after saving them from hellfire.

Shayari checks his bag and tells Rehan that he is checking weapons to fight Tabeezi. Rehan thanks her for supporting her family and protecting it. She asks what else. He flirts with her and asks her to meet him on the lawn in 10 minutes. She is glad to hear that.

Precap: Roshni tells Aman that her Aman took responsibility as she is becoming an older brother. A man on the other side of the mirror gets excited.

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