Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 6, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni and her family are tense when they see a lal markab bug crawling towards them. Daadi tosses Ilme Jinn’s book in front of the insect, and it runs away. Roshni thanks Aman and asks where the lal markabs go. Rehan says going back to the one who sent them here. Natasha sends her bird to spy on Junaid manzil and lal markab to harm Arman, but they return from her and attack her. Bird reaches Junaid Manzil and explodes. Sarah asks why Natasha’s bird exploded. Shayari reports that Natasha had sent the markab and they killed her, so even her bird was destroyed; she is a jinn like Tabeezi’s warning that only a jinn can harm Armaan. Rehan says that he is Natasha’s enemy, but why would she attack Arman instead of him? Shayari and his argument begins. Roshni asks them to stop fighting because she is worried about Aman.

Shayari says that he can call Aman out of the mirror if Ilme jnn is thrown back. Rehan throws the book towards the mirror, but it falls backwards. Roshni says they should use the original mirror. On the other hand, Tabeezi holding a mirror in his hand shrinks it thinking that even Aman has to die with Roshni.

Roshni with Shayari and Rehan arrives at the library and looks in the mirror, but finds 2 mirrors and realizes Tabeezi’s trick. She tries to drop the book, but fails. Worried about Aman, she walks up to Tabeezi and tells him that she is ashamed to call herself Tabeezi’s niece, how can she harm the family? Tabeezi says that it is silly to think that she is a member of the family. As her plot begins, Tabeezi challenges that she will kill Roshni on the night of the golden sun and regain her angel heart. Roshni responds and says that she no longer considers her as family and that she now she is her enemy, she will kill her in the night of the golden sun and free Aman. Once she leaves, Tabeezi believes that she will kill both Roshni and Aman.

Precap: Tabeezi stiffens upon seeing Ilme jinn Roshni standing in front of her grave.

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