Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 5, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni talking to Armaan. She shows Rehan’s wand. You are scared to see some errors in the box. Drop the box and hug Armaan. Rehan says there is no stain here, Roshni…. She sees her erased photo in the frame. Roshni goes to Tabeezi and says that you broke your promise, that you attacked us. Tabeezi says no, Aman attacked me. Roshni says that Aman is locked inside the mirror, why are you behind Rehan? Tabeezi asks what. Roshni says I’ve seen the red Markab trying to eat Rehan’s wand, you want to kill him. Tabeezi says why am I going to hurt Rehan, Aman is my enemy, he is caged inside the mirror, I have no threat now, why will I now, I am not a genius to get a red markab, I am an Ayana, find out. Roshni says I’ll find out. She leaves.

Tabeezi smiles and sees Natasha. She says that I did not act, that I did not send the red mark, you sent it. They smile. Dadi says you didn’t swear by Armaan by the red markab. Rehan says yes, I did not tell Roshni, I did not want to see her more worried, Tabeezi is our great enemy at the moment, we can not do anything, Roshni will get hurt, Shayari has gone to find Natasha, whoever has sent Red Markab, we have to protect Roshni.

Phupi asks who can send them. Roshni says I doubt Tabeezi, I have stopped everyone from doing something, it will be wrong. Rehan says we have to keep it from Roshni. Tabeezi says Roshni and Rehan will try to kill Red Markab without telling them, they made a promise and they are breaking it, they don’t know who is on our target. Natasha says the red markab tastes good. The red markab goes up to Armaan’s cradle. Tabeezi says Armaan won’t come between me and my angel.

Phupi says we have to hide it, but from whom. Roshni tells everyone, we don’t know why the red markab came here. They are surprised to see the red mark. Rehan says we have to protect Roshni. They see so many red marks. Dadi says we have to kill and protect Roshni. Phupi worries. Salma comes and brings a cleaning crew. They try to kill the markab. Rehan asks what you have. Roshni says I’m doing push-ups. Rehan says he was looking at the paintings, go, I’m going to do a push-up. She asks him to come to the office and handle business. Come the red markab. Rehan thinks that if Roshni leaves, I will kill Rani Markab. She thinks the same. They both ask if you knew. Dadi comes and says that there are many…. Go to Roshni and stop. They all come.

Phupi says the lizard is back, he was winning it with hockey. Roshni stops Dadi and says that everyone knows about the red markab, that we have to kill them with magic, I will get Rehan’s wand. Rehan does the magic. Rehan does the magic. The markab is leaving. They see that the markab is coming to attack them. Rehan falls. Lose your wand. Everyone screams. Rehan asks them to stay away. A book falls there. The markab touches the book and returns from there. They all watch. Rehan picks up the book. He says I’m fine, they didn’t attack me, they were so close. Roshni asks how is this possible. Rehan says I think they came for me. Roshni says I’ve seen them eat your wand. Says I’ve seen them eating your picture, Armaan is on your lap.

She worries and says Armaan. She says it means they came for Armaan. They come into the room and see the crib covered with markab. Rehan does the magic and fails. Roshni takes Armaan with her and runs. The markab surrounds her. Rehan tries magic and gets hurt. Rehan says I don’t know why my magic doesn’t work. Roshni says what we will do now. She asks Aman to help them. See something written. She reads Ilme jinn written. Rehan says my wand fell on the book, that’s why my magic attacks me now. Roshni says that the red markab doesn’t stop without killing the target, maybe you can reverse the target of the red markab. Get the book. The markab passes the book and passes. Dadi says it doesn’t matter. Rehan says I understood why this didn’t work, look there. Roshni says it’s Rani markab. Roshni asks Rani Markab to stop sending her soldiers. Salma closes her eyes. Roshni worries.

Roshni challenges Tabeezi. It says that I have love if you have hate, I will defeat you, I will wait for the golden sun.

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