Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni asking Aman why she didn’t tell him that she is in the house only for a month. She says I’m happy, don’t think I’m hurt, I knew I was here just to protect myself, I’ll go, you think I feel bad, no, I’m very practical, I try is deal, I can go to my mom after a month and you can go to your Ada. Roshni says…. Parveen comes and says that the stylist has come, everyone is waiting, come. He goes. Roshni cries. She calls Farah. Farah asks whose number is that. Roshni says Aman said the marriage is just a one-month contract. Farah asks what, he married you only for a month, no need to shed tears for him, he used you to save his mother, now he’s abandoning you. Roshni says I also asked for a check, you were right, since I danced at the MLA function, my image was ruined, I will be bad in Aman’s eyes.

Farah asks why you care, what does it matter, did you fall in love with him? Roshni says it matters, but I don’t love him. Farah says I think you already have feelings for him. Roshni asks how we know. Farah says that when you feel love for him, music will play, everything will go in slow motion. Roshni says Farah is right, she shouldn’t feel any feelings for Aman, her eyes are cute, I won’t look him in the eye.

Dadi and Aman meet the stylist. Dadi says why you have options when you know that Aman just wears black. Aman remembers Roshni’s words and says that this time I will wear blue. Dadi asks are you okay? What about Roshni’s clothes? Parveen shows her sari. Aman says we’ll talk later. Aman stops Roshni. He says your eyes are puffy. She says not all eyes are cute like yours. She thinks she shouldn’t say it. She says I’m fine. He asks why you are behaving strangely. She says she was looking at your house, it’s good, but not better than mine. Really ask. She says yes, her house only has water running from the taps, the water used to seep everywhere in my house, there were clouds and also birds, okay, I’ll manage. He asks why you were crying. She says she wasn’t. He uses magic to make her smile. See clouds and birds. She smiles. She imagines Aman acting like SRK.

She says you sing very well. Ask what. She looks around. Think of Farah’s words. She says nothing. She slides into the pool. He prevents her from falling. He asks why you are behaving strangely. She says I won’t look at you, take me up. He says no, I won’t. Dadi calls him. Stop Roshni. Roshni runs. He smiles.

It’s morning, Roshni wakes up and sees Aman. You imagine her winking and yelling no. Aman wakes up and asks what happened. She says I can’t see her pretty eyes. She runs out. Says total nonsense, what a crazy girl. Dadi asks the menu. Parveen says we will do Gajar halwa, Aftab likes it. Roshni asks if I do. Parveen goes. Roshni is going to stop her. Parveen says don’t call me Ammi. Roshni says sorry, I have made a lot of mistakes, give me a chance, you are so good. Parveen says I can’t trust you, you can never become my bahu, do this drama of innocence in front of Aman and Dadi, I know your truth, I know how women like your mother raise their daughters, you don’t deserve to come in the show. Roshni says you’re right, there’s no use having a friendship with an expiration date, give me a chance.

Parveen asks why I don’t miss you right now. Aman look. Roshni says for the love of Aman, he cares when you worry, can you be mad at me, tolerate me for a month, please. Parveen says if you really cared about Aman, you would have left this house, you’re just like your mom. She goes. Roshni cries. Aman catches her tear with her magic. He cries. Chotu comes and hugs. She says I need to speak something imp. Aman asks him to say. Chotu says I get angry when I see a child in school, why does Parveen get angry when seeing Roshni, Roshni is so good, when Roshni cries, I also feel like crying, you are Jinn, you make them friendly. Aman says that magic doesn’t work on hearts, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Hug Chotu. Sara says the groom’s family is coming to dinner. Roshni hears someone calling her. She goes to the book. She opens it. The water inside the book pushes it in. She fights.

Aman is surprised to see Roshni. He pulls her back.

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