Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni preparing Saima. Saima asks about her dress for the show. Roshni says I have a lot of work, I won’t be able to go to the show. Aman look. Sara and Saima ask Roshni not to feel bad about Parveen’s words and prepare. Roshni says I have to obey her, she’s a mother. Aman asks Roshni to get ready, she will talk to her mother. Roshni smiles. Phupi asks the servant to remove the paintings and arrange the flowers. She goes. Aman talks to Dadi. Dadi says that Parveen broke down after Junaid’s cheat, she was in clinical depression, she also stopped talking to her kids, I’m worried she might slip back into depression. Aman says I remember. Roshni is going to help Roshni. Parveen scolds her and leaves. Aman says I will take care of Mom, until Saima’s marriage. Dadi nods. Aman arrives in the room and sees Roshni crying. Roshni thinks of Parveen and cries. He asks if you didn’t prepare. Roshni turns around. She works magic and gets her clothes.

Roshni asks what is the use of creating unnecessary tension. She says you talk a lot and think a lot. She asks me? She says yes, stop thinking too much, Sara and Saima invited you, I came to invite from their side. She jokes and says that you came to invite me, accept it. He said no. He goes. She laughs. Parveen says that Roshni or I will come in this role. Roshni prepares. Hear someone call her. The water from the well spreads again on the ground. Roshni turns.

Aman says the family should be together. Parveen says they’re not outsiders, you said she’s here for a few days, she’s behaving like she’s his life. Roshni thinks why I’m going this way. She goes and bumps into Phupi. Phupi says that Aman is not from that side. Parveen says you know everything I went through. Aman says that Roshni does not deserve this house, I will never accept Roshni as my wife, it is a matter of a month, I will not have any relationship with her. Roshni hears him and cries. Parveen asks for a promise. He says promise and hugs her. He says let’s let him marry Saima. The servant removes the pictures. Well paint sticks.

Call other servants. Together they tear off the painting. The water flows somewhere in Aman’s study and goes into a book. Saima and Aftab commit. Saima says we have a surprise. Get Aman and Roshni on stage. Sara says that Aman and Roshni’s engagement is happening right now. Everyone applauds. Parveen gets angry. Roshni thinks about her words. Aman and Roshni exchange rings. Choti takes selfies with everyone. Aman sees Roshni walk away from her. He goes after her. He asks what happened, why did you come here? She bakes cakes. She asks again. She doesn ‘t answer. She does magic and everything disappears.

Change the position of the door. He asks you to respond. She says I ignored your question. He asks why. She says I’m not worried, I’m fine. Says you’re lying. She says I’m not lying. It says you lie. She says you lie, I don’t lie, why did you hide that I’m only here for a month? They all fall to the kitchen floor. She asks Aman again, why didn’t you say that I can never become your wife? We will not have any relationship after a month.

Roshni hears the book calling her. She goes to him. The book opens. The water pushes it in. She fights.

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