Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 15, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Jinn attacking Roshni by throwing a car at him. Aman gets there and saves Roshni. Stops the car in midair. She passes out in his arms. Hai tu chand jaisi … play … He takes her. The car falls over and catches fire. He picks her up and takes her to the bench. He speaks in a semi-conscious state. He smiles and shuts her up. Baazigar sits on the bench. Aman asks him to come and not do any drama. They left.

Aman says the clock is ticking, the water is freezing, and the earthquake in Dargah means that he is back. Parveen says that maybe it’s just a coincidence. Aman says no, he’s back. She says the girl’s family received the engagement outfit, come on. He asks if you still care about my engagement, we have to break this alliance, I can’t risk a girl’s life to save me. Dadi says it’s about the whole family, when you change, you can harm anyone, you have to protect us all, do this for us. He says yes, but that I cannot risk the life of a girl. Parveen says that your Dadi, Phupi and Mom have protected you, this fear will end if you get married. Dadi says that we will always save all trouble together. They shake hands and say that we will make the enemy lose. They hug it.

Roshni wakes up when some ladies spray him with water. Roshni says the car was flying. The lady asks where, young people use drugs these days. Roshni says no, that guy in the black car did this. She worries about thinking about her mother. Dadi says that if Jinn is back, his Panja will be there outside the house, see the guests, I’ll find the last sign. She goes.

Aman goes to meet the guests. The girl smiles and waves to greet Aman. He nods. Dadi looks for the Panja. He is surprised to see Jinn’s Panja mark on the wall. Aman stops. He holds Parveen’s hand. It begins to turn into a monster. Dadi thinks Jinn has come to the house. Dadi runs inside the house. Parveen and Phupi see Aman change. They are surprised to see the guests approach Aman.

She stands before them. Dadi arrives and sees Aman spinning. Run and turn off the lights. Parveen freaks out to see Aman behind. Aman flies away. The lights are back. Parveen greets the guests. She congratulates Ada. Ada’s dad asks where Aman is. Dadi says you’ve all come, Ada, you look pretty. Ada’s mom asks where Aman went, she was here a moment ago. Parveen passes out. Dadi says Parveen is not feeling well, can we have this rasam tomorrow morning? Ada’s mother nods.

Parveen comes to Aman’s room and calls him. He throws a closet at her. She bends down and saves herself. She runs out. Go to Aman in front. Aman hits Parveen and Phupi. They fall and hurt themselves. Lift the fridge to toss them. Dadi shoots him with arrows. Aman becomes a normal man. It begins to bleed from the arrows shot. Parveen and Phupi are shocked. They cry for him. Dadi cries. Aman says Ammi … and falls. They all run towards him. They all hug him and cry. Faints

Dadi says that Jinn is made of fire, so fire comes before him. Jinn sees Aman and tries to take him away.

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