Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

Roshni flees from Tabeezi and meets Aman. Aman asks how he got here. She says that she escaped and that they need to save her family. Aman says that she lost her powers, remembering the incident, and says that she has to protect her family in some way. Roshni says their jaddoo / Arman is with them. Aman says yes. Roshni says that Tabeezi took the ring from her mother. Aman says they need to hide until the golden sun disappears to prevent Tabeezi from taking her golden heart. She says that he is right, but Tabeezi can harm their family and they need to protect Tabeezi’s family in some way. Tabeezi walks in and freezes Aman. On the other hand, makdi / spider jinn throws a net on Shayari. Rehan rushes to help her, but even he gets caught in the net. Shayari starts yelling at him and starts her nok jhok.

Tabeezi insists that Roshni return her angel heart and tries her best, but fails. She then realizes that Roshni hid the angel heart in Armaan. She begs him to forgive Armaan. Tabeezi takes Armaan and tries to get the angel heart as Roshni pleads with her not to hurt Armaan. Tabeezi fails to obtain Armaan’s angel heart. Roshni remembers how she got stronger when she sang her mother’s lullaby and told Aman that she begins to sing the lullaby. The light emerges from the ring and hits Tabeezi, and they escape. Rehan and Tabeezi’s nok jhok continues. They break free and with the family they run towards Roshni and Aman. Roshni says there are only 3 minutes left until sunset of the golden sun. Tabeezi catches up with them and tells them that she can kill them even in 3 minutes and insists on giving them her angel heart. Family scopes. Tabeezi says that she will kill them with her bhabhi ring. Phupi remembers that she is not wearing a ring. Tabeezi is surprised to see that the ring is missing. Roshni says she has a ring on her hand and says her Ammi taught her how to protect it. She with the power of the ring brings the moon over the sun creating a solar eclipse. Tabeezi screams in pain upon seeing the event. Protective Ayanas emerges and apologizes to Roshni for misinterpreting her and scolds Tabeezi because she doesn’t deserve an evil heart. They arrest Tabeezi in chains and disappear with the promise that she will never bother them again. The family jumps with happiness saying that everything ended well. Shayari congratulates Rehan. Aman asks them to stop their drama since everyone knows they love each other. Shayari hugs Rehan and expresses her love to him. Aman thanks Roshni for supporting him in everything and asks him where the angel heart went. It shows on your belly. She says she doesn’t know, but her heart beats for him. The family embraces, revealing the show’s happy ending.

The show ended on a happy note with Tabeezi meeting her end and her family celebrating.

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