Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 10, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman tending to Roshni’s wound. He picks it up and takes it. Kahani hamari…. Play…. They all look and hide. Says total nonsense, don’t talk. Roshni asks if something is an imp, will you understand by eye contact? She says shut up. Parveen looks and thinks that this girl is trying to get closer to Aman, she has become his wife. The tree grows with a new shoot. Raakh Jinn gets there and sees the tree. He knows that Jinn will have no effect on Aman if the tree gets all the buds. Aman makes Roshni rest. You jaane na… play… They get closer. Chotu annoys them with her cute conversations. Aman asks him to stop him. Chotu says you changed after marriage. Aman asks him to leave, he will come to tell the story.

Raakh Jinn gives three huge boxes to Ada. Roshni is surprised to see the flying book. Chotu asks Aman to tell him about Sifriti Jinn. Aman says you are too young. Roshni says please say. Saima says please tell us. Chotu says please. Aman opens the book and shows them about Sifriti Jinn. He says that it is impossible to kill him, that he has powers to take human forms. Raakh Jinn shows three Sifriti Jinns. Ada is surprised. Aman says that he can also pass this power on to other Jinn. Raakh Jinn chants a spell. Chotu says zombies … Raakh Jinn says that you now have the power of Sifriti Jinn. Aman says that his greatest warrior is the 8000 year old warrior princess, who had defeated this Jinn, her name is…. She thinks that Roshni is totally crazy, if I take her name, she will be completely mad. Say what’s in the name, we’ll hear the story. Roshni asks you to say the name, please. Aman says Ayana. They smile.

Roshni smiles happily. Aman says its 8,000-year history doesn’t matter at all now. Roshni says it’s important, I used to think I have super powers, yeah…. life was giving me signs and I could not understand, I am the warrior princess Ayana the great. She gets up and steps back. Aman says that Ayana doesn’t turn into Ayana until she gets her powers, but Sifriti Jinn can summon zombie soldiers at any time. Three zombie soldiers from Sifriti Jinn arrive inside the house. They love, Roshni and everyone is surprised. They stick together as a group. The Jinn soldiers surround them. Aman signals everyone to disperse and move away from the attack.

Roshni and Chotu go to the other side. The soldiers go to Roshni. Aman asks Roshni to do it. Roshni throws Chotu towards Aman. Aman catches him and asks Sara and Saima to take him away. Aman calls Baazigar. Soldier throws rope at his hand. He misses getting his cane. Fight the soldiers. Roshni cries seeing this. They turn to Roshni and shoot arrows at him. Aman is surprised. Baazigar comes to the front and receives all the arrows on himself. The soldiers disappear. Aman and Roshni are surprised. Aman runs to Baazigar. They cry and remember Baazigar. Dadi, Parveen and they all come. They are surprised to see Baazigar shot. Roshni says that my life was not so valuable that you gave it to save me. Everybody cries.

Aman buries Baazigar. He cries and asks Baazigar to come back. Roshni says this family is incomplete without you, come back. Everybody cries.

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