Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Nov 1, 2020 Written Episode Update

The monstrous hand in the mirror is directed towards the sleeping Roshni, but stops when Aman enters the room. Rehaan asks Shayari to give him a mirror to break it, as they cannot get the ilme jinn book without breaking it. Shayari stops him and begins his nok jhok. She removes the book from the mirror with magic and goes with him. A monster comes out of the mirror. Rehaan looks for Shayari and when he finds her, he says to go and punish Natasha. Shayari says that Natasha is not the real culprit, Tabeezi is the one behind all this. Rehaan is shocked and says that Tabeezi helped his family from the beginning. Shayari says she doesn’t know. Aman asks Roshni how he identified him. Roshni says that her heart identified her heart. Daadi says that Roshni really loves Aman. Roshni asks who turned him into a kachra jinn. Aman remembers Tabeezi throwing a magic potion at her and walks towards her. Tabeezi stiffens. Roshni identifies Kachra jinn as Aman. The family asks why he saved kachra jinn. Roshni says they don’t know who he is and breaks Tabeezi’s magic potion. Kachra jinn turns to Aman. Roshni embraces him emotionally. Ayanas emerges and tells Tabeezi that Roshni identified Aman and proved that he was right. Tabeezi says that Aman turned to himself due to the blue moon and shows Roshni’s death order for kachra jinn. Junior Ayana says that upon seeing the death order, he trusts Tabeezi, so he regains his protection for Roshni’s angel heart.

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