Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka July 31, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman saying that I misunderstood Roshni many times and even then she saved me. Roshni says you saved me with nine moons. It says I had nine chances to save you, you only had one chance, how did you do this? Roshni remembers dealing with geniuses. Aman asks him to say something. Go to Rehan. Aman asks are you okay? Roshni says yes. He asks what happened, please tell me. Roshni says that when the heart-to-heart connection becomes stubborn, any magic has to bow, all geniuses have to lose to us, Rehan was with me. Aman holds Rehan. She says I missed you, bhai, we’ll meet up after a long time. She says that she always hides her emotions, she is emotional. Rehan asks her not to ruin her hair. He says sorry for being away all these years. Aman says he did not attend my call, but he did attend Roshni’s call. It says you helped Roshni defeat the black geniuses. Tabeezi asks Roshni if ​​the geniuses asked you something. Aman asks what you mean.

Tabeezi says geniuses make the deal, not any favors, if he had returned your soul then I would have asked him for something. Aman asks Rehan what he asked. Rehan says he didn’t make any deals with me. Aman asks Roshni if ​​she made the deal. Roshni says my powers, now I’m not Ayana, I’m just a normal girl. She cries. Aman says you made a great sacrifice, you are a special girl, your prayers will always save me. Phupi jokes that now we have two geniuses in our house, there will be no danger. They all smile. Salma says we didn’t tell Roshni about her miscarriage, she was Ayana, she didn’t feel the pain, now she will feel the pain. Rehan listens to them.

Dadi says if we don’t tell him this. Sara says we can’t change this, we can hide it. Saima says there is no point telling him now. Rehan says I feel like I made a big mistake staying away, if any danger comes their way, I will protect them, I promise. Dadi smiles and thanks him. Roshni sees the mark of geniuses on her hand. Roshni says why I feel like I already lost something. Aman gets there. Try to hide the brand. Aman remembers his miscarriage. He comes over to her and makes her put on the dupatta. He asks are you okay? She says yes, I’ll be fine if you are with me, I care about you, how are you, do you have any pain. She says that the pain was to get away from you, I understood that it is difficult to live without you, I want to start over with you, fate gave me such a beautiful girl, I want to deserve you. She smiles. She says there will be no distance or lies between us, the truth will be what you tell me. He does magic and brings birds and clouds into the room. She smiles.

The clouds burst and everything turns dark. Aman cares. Go to Rehan. Rehan says sorry, I thought it was my room. Roshni says this is the third room. Rehan says sorry, go on, I’m very tired, I don’t think I have to fight any genius for a cup of black tea. Aman says I’ll make it. Rehan asks him not to ruin her hair. Aman goes. Roshni smiles. Rehan asks if you told Aman. Aman sees the baby’s room. Feel sad. Dadi is coming. Aman says he was thinking of making this room a nursery for children. Dadi says then do it, accidents happen in life, we have to move on, you have to fill Roshni’s life with happiness, Roshni will be the best mom, I will become young when I run after your children. He smiles. Rehan says you should tell Aman. Roshni says I don’t want to stress him out. Rehan says that Aman has a right to know this. Roshni says I’ll tell you at the right time, promise me you won’t tell him anything. Rehan nods. Aman says you took his promise to be silent, if I don’t make good black tea then he won’t tell me anything. He gives her the tea and asks if she thought of her room, some colors, or just gray and black, leave the room design to Roshni. Rehan says that I can blindly trust both of them. Roshni says we just met.

Aman says that one can blindly trust you. Aman talks about Mahira and Farhan. Roshni says I didn’t meet them. Rehan says that Mahira is studying in Delhi. Aman asks where Farhan is. Rehan says that I don’t know, that nobody knows about him, that he is missing. Roshni says we’re all having dinner here, we should find him. Rehan says he did this before, Dad left us in childhood, Mom holds me responsible for this. Aman says Rehan is a genius. Rehan says that Farhan too, Dad couldn’t bear this truth and left the house. Aman says that childhood also disappears when a father leaves. Rehan says Mom used to be angry, Mahira and I adjusted, Farhan couldn’t adjust, left the house a year ago, didn’t speak for 4 months, we promised we wouldn’t lose another relationship, she didn’t If she called Mahira on her birthday, I was afraid of losing another relationship. Aman asks why you didn’t tell me. Rehan says he knows the relationship of our families. Aman says that our mothers have differences, but the family is united, this pain is also mine, I promise, I will find Farhan. They love and they all hold Rehan’s hand, singing his motto.

Aman says you are my world. Romance between Aman and Roshni. She sees the mark of geniuses and runs away.

Update credit to: Afaq

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