Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka July 30, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni saying that I will not let Aman go. Nasreen makes the potion. Roshni yells no. She sees Aman. Aman says I told you, I’ll always be there with you. He beckons her to wipe her tears and smiles. Roshni uses her powers and takes the aabe hayaat. The black genie reaches into the mansion. Roshni and Rehan come there. Come to the black geniuses. Tabeezi asks Roshni to throw the aabe hayaat fast, there is no time. Roshni throws the aabe hayaat. The black genie takes Aman’s soul and leaves. Everyone is surprised.

Roshni runs towards Aman. She asks what’s going on, Tabeezi, where is Aman. Tabeezi says we’ve lost Aman, we’re late. They all cry. Tabeezi says that black geniuses came to take Aman’s soul according to promise. Roshni cries and leaves. He comes to the cave and yells Markab….

She calls the geniuses. The black genie gets there. He asks why you came here and called me. She says that it is said that even the wind does not return from this cave, but I will take my husband with me. He says that I have taken what was mine, now go, you do not know my anger. He says that the steadfastness of a wife can change everything, I will take Aman with me, I can do anything. Show the soul of Aman. He says you have come to take this away, he will go to the Jinnat world forever and never return. Roshni says you treat well, I will pay any price for Aman. Rehan comes and says I’ll pay the price, black geniuses want a genie, I’ll go, I’m ready to give my life. Roshni says no, you will not do this, take the life of an Ayana, return Aman. Black jinn says that if you want Aman back then you have to give me the first son of the king of Ayana and Jinnat. Roshni is surprised.

Rehan says you can’t do this, refuse him. Roshni yells Khan baba and runs to hold the lantern of the soul. He takes the box and hugs it. He is surprised to see the soul disappear. She cries. Rehan says you can’t pay the price the black genie asked for. Roshni says I can give anything, but not my Aman. She says I accept the deal, you will have the right to my first child, give me back Aman, I have come to take him away. Jinn returns the soul. She sees the soul in the box again. Roshni cries happily.

See the mark of geniuses on his hand. Rehan asks what you did. Roshni says that what a wife does for a husband, she puts everything at stake, I also did for my Khan baba, I got my Aman. Roshni returns home and brings the soul. They all watch. The soul enters the body of Aman. Roshni calls him. They cry and ask Tabeezi to do something, why doesn’t Aman get up? Dadi and everyone cry. Rehan says sorry, I couldn’t fulfill a brother’s duty, forgive me.

Roshni sees everyone crying. She sings her family motto. They all sing together. Aman becomes conscious. They get happy. Aman gets up. Get to know everyone. Abhi mujhme kahin…. Play…. Hug Roshni. They smile. Tabeezi says that Aman you left, but Roshni’s love conquered death, I just heard that love has power, but I have seen it today. Dadi says that he has shown that if a wife becomes inflexible, even the sky has to descend. Roshni asks what if my heart cannot bear so much happiness. Aman says ask your heart to be habitual in happiness, no pain will touch our home and our family. Roshni sees Rehan and remembers his promise to the black geniuses.

Aman says I have a beautiful girl and I want to be right for you, there will be no lies between us, for me, the truth will be what you say. Roshni cries.

Update credit to: Afaq

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