Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Jul 29, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni thinking of Aman and crying. She collapses. She says I didn’t come to ask for anything, I just came to say, just give me back what’s mine. She prays. Birds fly towards her. She says that when love crosses a boundary, it becomes adoration, if I have loved Aman like this, if my love is true, then you have to crouch in front of my love, give me back my Aman, show me some way. The birds give him a book. See Ayaana’s book. She says that Ayaana’s book will tell me how Ayana can get a genie back. She looks at the book. She reads, if someone’s soul does not reach the other world, a drop of aabe hayaat can bring the soul back, it can be found underground, the one who has the same blood as the dead person can get aabe hayaat. Sara and Saima say that we will go. Tabeezi says you are not a genius, only a genius can do this. Roshni says that there is another genius here, Kabir can do this, but he has become Zehraal.

Tabeezi says that he had promised Parveen that he would not tell the secret to anyone but I have to reveal the secret now, there is another genius in this family, Parveen’s nephew Rehan Ahmed Khan is really lightning fast, brave, Aman’s maternal cousin is a genius. Rehan is seen fighting the geniuses. Dadi says that Parveen and Nasreen had differences before. Tabeezi says that Rehan is Nasreen’s son. Dadi says he will not send his son. Roshni says I’ll talk to them, where is he? Dadi says I heard they are in Bhopal. Tabeezi says I’ll find out. Roshni says I’m going to save Aman again, I’m not going anywhere until I get back. Tabeezi says I have the address. Roshni says I’ll be back soon. Tabeezi asks Roshni to come quickly. She launches the magic door. Roshni runs into him. Arrives at Rehan’s house. Knock on the door and say that I am your sister’s Bahu, open the door, Aman’s life is in danger, I want Rehan’s help. The door opens. Roshni enters the house. Door is closing. Roshni shoots arrows at him. Roshni defends the attack with her powers. She says the anger of the elders is also like a blessing, thank you for your blessing. Nasreen says your tongue is sharp and so is magic, you don’t seem like a genius. Roshni says that I am an Ayana. Nasreen asks how a genius and Ayana met. Roshni says I came here for my love, tell me where Rehan is, I want your help. Nasreen says he came to ask for help.

Roshni says I am willing to do anything for my husband, I beg you, give me Rehan, only he can save Aman’s life. Nasreen says I like to see you begging like this, but you won’t get rid of this pain, you can get yourself a widow costume, tell me if you want it. Roshni says that my mother taught me to respect elders, if I can pray for Aman, I can also steal his help. Nasreen says that Rehan is my son, you cannot accept it, I will not tell her, Parveen is my enemy, she always gave me pity, today I will give the death of her son and I will settle accounts. Roshni asks why you say this.

Nasreen asks why Parveen didn’t come, she’s not stupid like you. Roshni says sorry, you’re forcing me to call Rehan. Nasreen asks what happens if I don’t call him. Roshni points the arrows at her and asks where Rehan is. Everyone sees that the shield of the soul is broken. They worry. Tabeezi says time passes. Nasreen says that an Ayana can never do this. Roshni says yes, now I am a wife, tell me where is Rehan, if not. She shoots the arrows at Nasreen. Rehan comes and stops the arrows.

Roshni sees it coming. Roshni says you have to come with me. Nasreen says kick her out. Rehan pushes Roshni against the wall. Roshni yells please let me speak. It says that you attacked my mother, I cannot tolerate this. She says she attacked me, I want your help. She turns to go. She says that Aman is dying. He stops. She says you can save him, please. Leave Roshni. Dadi says the sun is setting. Tabeezi says that the first star of the night will appear, what will we do now. Roshni says that’s why I’ve come to you, you can only get Aabe hayaat, we have to help Aman, will you help me? Rehan says I can lay down my life for Aman. She says you have to get Aabe hayaat soon, we have less time. Tabeezi says I’ll try to stop this. Rehaan breaks the ground with his magic and gets aabe hayaat. He asks Roshni to get it, otherwise he won’t be able to get it out again. Roshni runs. Nasreen stops Roshni and chains his feet. Roshni worries. The hand of the genius appears in the Khan mansion. Dadi and everyone are surprised. The genie appears outside the mansion. Come come the huge geniuses. Nasreen knocks Roshni down. Roshni cries for Aman. She crawls to get the magic potion. Dadi says that the black geniuses came to the house, he came to take Aman’s soul. Roshni struggles.

Roshni screams. Aman’s soul is leaving. Roshni goes to the black genie and asks about Aman’s life. Jinn says he had a right to his life, give me your first child to get Aman.

Update credit to: Afaq

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