Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Jul 28, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman saying forgive me Roshni, I couldn’t save. Roshni asks who … He falls. Tabeezi says stop, we can’t touch the arrow, Aman is a genius. Roshni asks why you did this. Close your eyes. Marke bhi… .plays…. Roshni removes the arrow. She asks him to wake up, everyone is crying. She asks them not to cry, Aman is fine. She says that I know that Aman’s wounds will heal soon, that he is only acting, that he will come back now, I will catch Nargisi’s mistakes. Get the Nargisi buds. She says he’s a genius, that nothing will happen to him, stop crying. She asks him to get up please. She asks why Aman doesn’t get up. Tabeezi says that Aman did not lose to death, she had exchanged your death for her death, she chose to die to save your life. Roshni is surprised. She falls unconscious.

Roshni is in her room. Her wounds heal. He sees Aman approaching him. She asks are you okay? Aman says the pain is gone, there is only peace, there is no danger for you, you are safe. Roshni asks why it took so long to heal her wound. She asks you not to cry. She says you’re with me, why would she cry? It says I’ll stay away and still protect you. She says I won’t let you go She says I have to go. Roshni asks what this joke is. He says no, my dad left me a curse, I had lived under the shadow of that curse, then I met you, you made me a human of geniuses, you came into my life as light, every moment I spent with you was a beautiful dream for Me, it’s time for this dream to break, I have to go. He disappears. She is surprised and cries, calling him.

Go downstairs and see Aman’s corpse. Salma asks why you came, you’re not okay. Roshni asks what’s going on, what are you doing, nothing happened to him. Tabeezi says that Aman was a jinn, that he has to return to his world, the light from the sky of Jinn will come to take him. Roshni says no, I won’t let him go anywhere. Dadi says let him go, he will get hurt if you stop him. Roshni says no. Salma says don’t be inflexible, fate has decided. Roshni says that fate has to change its decision, my trust, hope and our connection were not broken, love will conquer death. She says that if the love, loyalty and sacrifice of a wife are important, then death has to lose, I swear for every moment I spend with him, I swear on our love, the world will see that there is no greater power that Suhaag, there is no greater battle than a wife’s battle, I will take it back. The light enters through the ceiling. Roshni asks what’s going on. Tabeezi says that it happens with every genius, his soul leaves his body. Roshni says there will be some way. Tabeezi says that if his soul does not return to the body, then he has to leave the world. Roshni asks him to do it quickly. Tabeezi makes some dust. They see that Aman’s soul is leaving. They ask Tabeezi to do it quickly. Tabeezi says I have to grind this to powder. Dadi asks him to hurry up. Roshni cries and asks Tabeezi to see him.

Tabeezi throws the dust on the soul. The soul is protected. They smile. Tabeezi says that this can stop Aman’s soul until the first appearance of the night star. I have read Ilm e jinn right, there is no way to save Aman’s soul. Roshni says we have to find a way to get Aman back. Salma says she may lose her life. Roshni says yes, he is my life, he fought eight times with death to save me, he fought nine times with life, I cannot fight once for him, I know that I will win this battle, don’t stop me, bless me. Salma nods. Roshni says I’ll pay any price for you, but I’ll get you back. She leaves. Salma says what we will tell her, that she has lost Aman and also her son, fate gave her many sorrows, I cannot give her more sorrow. Dadi says it’s impossible. Tabeezi says that I never saw such love in my life, my heart says that the impossible will be possible thanks to true love.

Roshni fights someone and asks where Rehan is. Rehan gets there.

Update credit to: Afaq

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