Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Jul 27, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni entering a cave. She yells Markab…. A genius is coming. She says I have come to get Aman back, to give me back to her. She says if you want Aman back, then you have to give me your first child. She is shocked. He asks if you agree to this deal. 24 hours ago, Roshni wakes up to find Aman missing. Kahani hamari… play…. She goes and looks for him. She approaches him and tells him that she is looking at the clock with great passion. Says I want to stop time, I can’t lose you again. She says there is still time, don’t worry. It says I lost you eight times, it’s the ninth moon today, my last chance, I can’t lose you, aren’t you afraid? She says no, that love or fear can stay in my heart, my heart only has love.

She says I’m afraid of losing this love. She says I trust you, that you won’t let anything bad happen, you promised you would show me the sunrise, did you forget? He asks if you trust me. She nods. Says I’ll show you the sunrise He hugs her and closes his eyes. He does magic. They get on a hot air balloon. She asks if I can open my eyes now. Open your eyes and see the sunrise. She smiles. Mileya mileya… .play…. They have a beautiful time. She gives him flying kisses.
She asks him to stop worrying. She says I won’t worry, once tonight is over. She takes his hands. Kahani hamari…. Play….

Tabeezi says that today is a full moon night, Roshni will be attacked, we have to pass 7.07 pm, the full moon night is even more dangerous. Dadi sees Aman worried. She says today is a full moon night. Aman says I didn’t forget, Roshni will be attacked today. Dadi asks him not to worry, they won’t let anything happen to Roshni. He says I’ll go talk to Tabeezi. Go to Roshni and stop. They smile. Roshni kisses him. Drop your phone. Dadi and Phupi smile. Aman signs Roshni. He becomes shy. Roshni winks at him.

Dadi says it’s going to be 7pm now, the moon will rise, we have to be together. Come the moon. Aman thinks of Roshni. He says that I will fight against fate and death, I will not let anything happen to Roshni. Tabeezi says nothing will happen to Roshni. She gives him a special cloth. She says she’s a Kawach, you have to make Roshni use this, if she uses this, nothing will happen to her. Roshni sees time. They all come to protect her. Roshni smiles with tears in her eyes. Go to Aman. They stay alert. Roshni closes her eyes. They hear a sound. Aman yells Roshni. They turn around and are surprised. Come to Roshni well. They get happy. Roshni says I’m fine. They cry happily. Roshni says nothing happened to me. It says we failed at destiny. Sara asks what that sound was. Come to Phupi with the poppers.

Phupi says it happened by mistake. She says it’s okay. She says we’ve won, Roshni is fine. They celebrate. Aman says Roshni, we have to be alert until the moon disappears, you will not remove the Kawach. Roshni says it’s okay. Aman runs out of the house and looks at the moon. See someone’s hand. Check and go Dadi. He asks what happened to you, you’re fine. Tabeezi says that now that the danger is gone, we will open the door and the windows. Roshni sees Dadi unconscious and asks if you’re okay. Aman sees the black shadow on the moon. She sees the time on her mobile and wristwatch. It says it means that someone had changed the time of the clock. He goes and sees Roshni with Dadi. Roshni tries to remove the kawach. Aman runs towards her. It makes Dadi away from Roshni. He asks who you are, tell the truth. Dadi says I’m your Dadi, what is this madness? Roshni is stabbed by an arrow. Her Kawach disappears. Aman yells Roshni. She removes the arrow. She says I’m fine, this arrow couldn’t take my life. Aman sees smoke coming out of his body. Worries. Come to another Dadi with the bow. They get surprised. The enemy becomes a real avatar. Tabeezi says his red moon soldier. The woman shoots the arrow again. Everyone is surprised. Roshni sees Aman aim the arrow. The woman disappears.

Roshni swears by every moment she spent with Aman, by her love. She says I will get my Khan Baba back.

Update credit to: Afaq

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