Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 8, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni saying that he was going to drink water. Aman says I’ll get it. Brings you water. He asks if you ate anything. She says no, I’m very hungry, I want to eat a lot. It says you will not eat junk food, only healthy food, eat papaya. She thinks how am I going to eat papaya, I am pregnant. She imagines everyone scolding her. She asks for mineral water and sends it. She throws the papaya. She goes to fetch water. He sees her finishing the papaya. She drinks water. He asks if you ate it all. She says yes, you know I eat fast.

Rehan asks what are you doing. Shayari asks why you always scold a cute innocent girl, I have dried all the papers, you should praise me. He asks if you knew the papers were so imp. She says I’ll blow them dry on high speed. Shout enough. Rehan gets angry. He takes the dryers from her and throws them away. She says sorry, are you and your mustache okay? Shout out. She grabs her ears and runs off. Rehan thinks about Tabeezi’s words. Meet Tabeezi. She asks if he knows if anyone can save something to carry a weapon. She remembers Shayari and says that I have a question about someone. She says don’t use magic on that person. He says don’t worry, she won’t be able to understand. She asks what you mean that jinn shikari is a girl, I also read that they are mostly women. Shayari works in the office. Jinn shikari is seen getting into the car and doing makeup. Rehan arrives at the office. She doesn’t see Shayari at her desk. Shayari goes. Rehan sees her bag and thinks it is an opportunity. Aman checks the papers. See the papaya in the drawer. Rehan checks Shayari’s bag. You get dumbbells. It begins to eliminate a lot of unusual things. You also get a cactus plant. You get a black bag inside. He adds the samosas and the hot sauce. It is put in your hand.

Aman asks why you left the papaya there. Roshni says that Papita / papaya reminded me of my friend Ajita, I was excited and did not eat. She makes excuses. She asks if there is a problem. He says no, you have to eat the papaya, keep it anywhere, but eat it. He goes. Rehan asks how this weapon works against who gets half the samosa. Shayari comes and asks if you are stealing my savings, I had saved the samosa for the future. He says I have no interest in Samosa, he was looking for the papers. He goes. Aman seeks a doctor. Roshni says, I took the doctor home, we don’t need an appointment now. He asks the doctor for a complete checkup. Roshni gets up. He asks if your foot is okay. She says I’m fine. She asks the doctor to do the checkup. He goes out. Roshni thinks what to do, the doctor will know that I am pregnant. Rehan says Tabeezi said well, jinn shikari are smart, I’ll catch her. She’s after the wrong girl. The shikari marks Rehan and plans the attack.

The doctor says Aman told me she recently had a miscarriage, lie down. Roshni thinks the door is closed, I can do magic. She works magic and tricks the doctor. Roshni says her glasses are here. The doctor wears the glasses. She says I’ll check your pb and go. Roshni says you just checked, what happened, you’re behaving strangely. The doctor says I don’t know, maybe a hallucination. Roshni cheats on her. She says you did my checkup, I’m fit and fine. The doctor says yes. Roshni puts a chocolate in her bag and apologizes for doing this with you.

Rehan remembers Tabeezi’s words. She says that if you doubt someone, check the girl’s neck, if she is wearing Zangemarmar. Rehan goes to Shayari. Take the metal stick from the hanger to get Shayari’s locket. Her dupatta falls off. Shayari is shocked and scolds him. It goes to the other side. She says I’m realizing you’re noticing me, you called me at home and you took your shirt off, your gaze was wet and now you’re snatching my dupatta, aren’t you ashamed? The staff watch. Rehan sees them. Roshni says how long I will keep this from Aman. Aman says thank God you’re okay, it means we can start over and have a family, we will have a baby, we can forget our pain now. Shayari says she always yells at me, I don’t do such cheap things, think how you will feel if I snatch your dupatta, you can understand the emotion, how can you do this. Rehan says he is wrong. Shayari says I know why you are doing this, I am a poor girl, there is no respect for a poor girl. Khanna shows the honey bee.

Rehan remembers getting the bee. Khanna says Rehan saved you, otherwise the bee would have bitten you, you should have seen once why he did that, you have no right to work here, I’ll write his suspension order. Rehan thinks that if she goes, I won’t know her truth, I have to stop her. Shayari says that my motive for doing this job cannot be fulfilled if I go. She says sorry sir. Rehan thinks he wants to fulfill his motive, he doesn’t know me, I know his every move. Khanna asks him to leave. Rehan says think of it as the final warning, that mistake shouldn’t happen again. He goes. She says Rehan didn’t fire me. Roshni hears the song of the birds. Enter the room and see flying toys. She smiles. Aman is coming. Roshni says Aman might know. He closes the door and hides from Aman. See the flying milk bottles. She uses magic and tosses it aside. Aman stops. Jinn shikari arrives at Rehan’s office. Natasha says…. She hugs him.

Aman says maybe a new member will come. Dadi asks who is pregnant now. Aman sees Roshni and says Roshni….

Update credit to: Afaq

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