Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 7, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni doing the pregnancy test and waiting for the result. The smoke reaches Aman and Rehan. Aman asks Rehan to take care of himself. The smoke from the moonlight splits and follows them. Roshni checks the positive result. She is happy and smiles. She says I’m pregnant, my baby is fine, that Aman has saved her. Run to tell Aman. Roshni comes to Aman and tells her that everything is fine. Aman asks him to say so. The smoke traps it and holds it against the wall. She is shocked. Rehan turns. It is also trapped by smoke. Aman asks Roshni to do something, use her powers. Roshni tries. Aman says you have no powers, do something else. Roshni thinks that if I use my powers, I will lose Aman’s trust, what should I do? She cries. Rehan tries to do magic. Drop the stick. Roshni says what should I do. Aman says to call Tabeezi. Roshni says yes. Run and call Tabeezi. She yells at everyone.

Tabeezi arrives and is surprised to see Aman. She asks Roshni to throw water on Aman. Roshni takes the water and tosses it. The smoke disappears. Aman falls. Roshni hugs him. Shayari comes home and is surprised to see the luxurious house. She enters. She goes to see Rehan. Go to the library. Think where Rehan is. She slides into the pool. The water splash falls on Rehan. The smoke disappears. It falls. Aman says I’m fine. Roshni thinks her life was in danger, she was just worried about hiding my lie. She says I’m fine, don’t cry. They hug.

Tabeezi asks where Rehan is, he is in danger too. Rehan opens his eyes and stands up. He goes. Shayari comes out of the pool. She turns to see him taking off his shirt. The neck of the neck … plays … He sees her and asks what he saw. She says everything. He asks why you didn’t do anything. She says I’m not that kind of girl. He asks you to tell what you saw. She says I didn’t take your permission, I saw you doing that. He asks her to get out of the pool. She says help me, no, okay, I’ll go. He asks why you came here. She makes poetry. She says you were changing here and you ask me what I saw. He asks if you just saw this. Shayari says it’s too much for a decent cute girl like me. Roshni comes and says Rehan … Go to Shayari and ask her how she got soaked, go and change. She asks Rehan if he’s okay, if he was attacked. Rehan asks who did the attack. She says we have to go to Tabeezi.

Tabeezi says that the jinn shikari made the attack, they aim at the jinnat, they are like humans but have powers, he did not try to kill you but to identify you, the smoke leaves a mark on the jinn’s body. Aman and Rehan control each other. Aman sees the mark on Rehan’s neck. Rehan says thank goodness you didn’t get the mark. Tabeezi says that Roshni’s powers saved you again. Aman says that Roshni is not Ayana, that she does not have her powers. Roshni says yes, I’m not Ayana now. Tabeezi says that maybe this happened since you are King Jinnat, but Rehan is on target for Jinn shikhari, his life is in danger. Rehan says I do the hunting, I don’t fall prey. Aman says that no one can harm Rehan until I am here. Roshni asks who is this jinn shikari. Tabeezi says to find out if someone new has come into his life. Rehan remembers Shayari. Tabeezi says jinn shikari are smart, they act innocent and foolish, they attack when they get the chance. Rehan sees Shayari.

Dadi says thank God you’re okay. Sara says that Aman will not be harmed by the jinn shikhari. Saima says that she will be late to visit the doctor. Roshni sees the crown. She says that Aman doesn’t know I’m pregnant, I want to tell her, how am I going to say that I have to give the first child to geniuses for her life I promised the geniuses. Aman comes and asks him to come, they are getting late. She plans to hide it from him. She goes. Ask if everything is okay. Roshni says yes. She stumbles. Aman asks are you okay? She says I have a sprained foot. She says we will cancel the appointment, come. He makes her rest. Rehan hears a sound. He goes and sees Shayari drying the papers with the strings. He asks what are you doing. She doesn’t listen to him and says I’m doing great. Ask for the files. He asks, don’t you hear me? He takes her hands. She looks at him. Aman asks Roshni to rest. She thinks that I do not deserve her trust, so I am sorry to hide this great truth. She gets sad.

Aman takes the doctor home. He asks Roshni if ​​your foot got okay. Roshni worries.

Update credit to: Afaq

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