Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 5, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni saying that Shayari gave a good idea, she’s so smart, she helped me, I should help her. She calls Rehan. She asks if you got a good assistant. He says no, if you recommend someone to me, I will hire him. She asks him to hire cool girl Shayari. She says I think Shayari got the job. She goes and calls Miss Shayari. Shayari says it’s me. Rehan is surprised. It says that I came since you called me. A peon drinks tea. Wave your hand and the tea falls back on Rehan. He gets angry. Rehan hides and returns home. Aman asks how you got there so early. Rehan says I missed you. Aman says hug me, come. Rehan says I didn’t miss that much. Roshni asks if you met Shayari. Rehan covers her pants.

Roshni praises Shayari. Aman says let’s let Rehan decide. Roshni says he hired Shayari. Aman asks what is this. They see a handkerchief tied over the pants. Aman asks him to take it off. Rehan says no. Aman does the magic and takes off the scarf. Come wet pants. Roshni smiles. Aman asks if you still do this, okay, keep the magazine. He says he’s wet his pants since he was little. Rehan says no, he went through Shayari. Aman asks who. Rehan tells it all. Roshni laughs. Rehan says he had no clothes at the office so I had to go home. He goes to his room. Aman says this girl is special, she’s crazy. Roshni asks what you said, judged her, and called her crazy. Aman asks why you defend her, Rehan shouldn’t hire her. Rehan comes in and says I have hired her, as Roshni told me, Roshni does things for the good of everyone. Aman says he’s a Bhabhi fan … Rehan goes. Jokes Aman.

Shayari asks why he made me wait here, I asked him to borrow his car, maybe he thinks I stole his car, he went to find the police, I’ll run away. She steals some cookies. Manager gets her employment contract and congratulates her. She praises herself. She taunts Rehan. She is surprised to see Rehan. Rehan asks what you were saying about my manners and my mustache. She spits the cookie in her face when she coughs. He gets angry. Aman makes the pills fall to the ground. She goes to Roshni. She says that she has had the medicines happily. Roshni says yes, you gave it with love. She says she is taking it without water. She says she had drunk water before. She says I have weakness too, give me the pills. She says it’s mine, you get it yourself. Says well, got it. Show the pills. She says I found the pills in the garden, tell me.

Rehan wipes his face. Shayari tries to praise him. Rehan says to sign the contract. She says to say it with love. Rehan says that she may not be interested in the job. She says no, I’m interested in you, I mean, work. She signs the contract. She dances. Rehan asks him to work on the files and bring them home at 7am. She says it’s okay. It says you wrote on the CV that you are efficient and hardworking, this job shouldn’t be difficult. He takes her car keys and drives off. Khanna gives him the files. Roshni says that pills like to go for a walk in the morning. Aman says you threw out the vitamins and ate mint here. She says I don’t like pills, should I eat what you ask? She says you think I’ll give you anything by lying to you, am I crazy? She says that you think I am crazy, that you feel that I am sick, that you are giving me pills for brain disorders. Say why would I give that, I don’t think you’re sick. She throws cushions at him. He does magic and stops her. She says I heard you talking to Tabeezi, you said Roshni was forgetting things and it got weird.

Aman says I will eat the pill and prove that they are vitamins, you need the vitamins because … She asks why I need it, tell me. Tabeezi reviews the book and sees a picture of a girl. She thinks who she is. The girl / Jinn shikari follows Rehan. Rehan sees her broken car. Think about doing magic. A man greets him and leaves. Rehan sees someone around and stops. The girl returns. Rehan says why I feel like someone is following me, but I’ll deal with this issue first. Roshni asks Aman what he’s hiding. Aman says nothing. She asks you to say so, please. She asks what I don’t know about me. Aman says you need the pills, please.

She says I won’t accept it until you tell me, I have a right to know. He throws the glass and cries. She says I know you love me a lot, but I want respect too. She says I respect you. She says that then you will not hide anything from me, I fought with death and I earned my destiny, I could not earn my trust, I got angry for your lies, give me the answer, what happened to me. Aman says nothing. She says I will believe that you think I got mad, if you don’t trust me then it means you don’t love me, tell me to my face and I’ll be out of your life forever. Aman says that Roshni was pregnant, her pregnancy was terminated due to Chand sipahi’s attack. She is shocked. She asks what are you saying. Says she was pregnant and then had a miscarriage. She cries.

Roshni smiles and says that this crown is very small, why did the birds buy it for me? She thinks and says, does this mean…?

Update credit to: Afaq

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