Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 4, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Shayari irritating Rehan with her talks. Rehan says you don’t know I’m Re … He says you talk a lot, my phone’s battery is dead. Take the charger out of the bag. It asks you to be careful. She drops the drink on her clothes. She stops the car and gets out to clean it. She says sorry. The spy bug marks it. Information begins to flow over him. Jinn Shikari sees Rehan on the screen. Aman says I asked the doctor and took the vitamins. Roshni worries and imagines that he is calling her crazy. Aman says I’ll make you keep the tablets. She runs. Aman comes to the room and looks for her. Open the closet and ask what are you doing here.

Roshni says cleaning. She asks you to leave. She says my Naankhatai is ready. He asks how you knew. Try to make excuses. She says if I overdo it, I will look really mad at him. Shayari says you look free, but I have an interview with imp, we’re leaving. Rehan gets angry and turns to her. She gets in the car and closes the door. Yell open the door. The police are coming. The inspector asks if he is bothering the girl. Ask Shayari if it’s this guy making fun of you. Shayari apologizes. She says I’m late for the interview, I have to go, I’ll tell him I’m sorry after I return the car, I’m going to cheat on him. She says yes, this man is so bad, I stopped the car to make a call, he is asking me to open the door. Rehan says he’s lying, it’s my car.

The inspector asks him to leave. She thanks the police. Go to Rehan and he says I’ll return the car to him later. Shayari leaves. The Hamlal bug falls. Scanning stops at 99 percent. She saves Rehan this time. Roshni reads the books. Aman says I didn’t see you reading books before. Roshni says I read Ayana’s book and saved you, one becomes smart by reading the books. He asks why you are reading books. She sees him with tablets. She says I have seen the accounts, I found many errors. He asks if he knows about the checking account errors. She says no, there are punctuation errors. She says wow, you’re so smart. She says that I am smart, intelligent and very fine. Aman thinks she doesn’t know that she is very weak after the miscarriage. She says I’m lucky that you came into my life, you take the tablets and take care of your health, their vitamin tablets.

Shayari goes to park the car and drives around. She says that guy will take my life. Aman says you have to take the tablets three times, take a dose now. Roshni knocks it down and says I’ll photograph it and have it. She says it’s okay. He gives her another bottle. She laughs and says that you are very smart. Says good. She says I’ll go get some water. Shayari awaits the interview. You see a girl crying and marching. Shayari thinks I need this job, otherwise the aunt’s children will have to drop out of education. Roshni calls Shayari. She says my friend’s problem is increasing. She tells everything. Shayari asks why don’t you do it, I mean your friend goes and tells her husband everything, unless she is also hiding something, I have another good idea. She tells the idea. Roshni laughs and says that I thought I am the smartest girl, but you are also smart, how is your interview going? Shayari says I don’t think it will go well. Roshni wishes him all the best. Shayari knocks and enters Rehan’s hut. She greets him. He turns to her. She is shocked.

He says you changed your clothes, you followed me, how did you get there so soon when I took the car. Rehan asks what are you doing here. She says I came to give an interview, come here, Rehan would come, don’t you sit in the boss’s chair. Rehan says I’m that rude Rehan Ahmed Khan. She asks is that you, I’m sorry sir, I did not say wrong, you have a big heart, I perfectly parked the car, check my qualifications once. He asks if you think you will get the job. She drops the file. Hot coffee falls on it. He gets angry. She says sorry. Scream out.

Roshni changes the tablets. She says Shayari gave a good idea, I’ll eat the mints and Aman will think I’m taking the vitamins. Hear Aman talking to Tabeezi. He says I don’t know why Roshni doesn’t take the vitamins. Roshni eats the tablet. Aman sees her and says she took the vitamins. He goes. Roshni asks what should I do with these tablets now. She plays with tablets. The tablets fall close to your feet. She worries. She throws her dupatta over Aman’s face. She is going to take the dupatta. They smile. She says that my dupatta is filmi, fly watching you. Aman says that when Roshni gets all right, I’ll take her out. Tabeezi asks him not to worry. A stranger enters her house and takes the book. Tabeezi hears a sound. She will see. She sees the books of genius books flying in the air. She says this happens when someone tries to steal the book.

Roshni says I have a right to know why they give me these tablets, just tell me if you don’t love me. She says she needs these tablets, she was pregnant.

Update credit to: Afaq

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