Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 18, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the end of Natasha’s dream. She says that I will find Rehan and save the family from the shadow of the geniuses. Shayari comes home and likes decorations. She says what’s going on here, maybe some family function, I had to come here to get my papers signed. Go to the food counter. She thinks I don’t have time, I need to be signed. Tabeezi says Roshni, she is Sidra, she will keep your uterus, she will give you back the baby, this is the only way to save the baby. Roshni says I don’t know how to pay your favors. Tabeezi asks him to think again. Rehan is going to change. Shayari enters her room and puts the papers in a folder. He returns. She hides. He remembers her and signs unverified papers. She looks.

Aman says I’ll go see Roshni. Dadi says it’s okay. She serves guests. Roshni says that everyone says that no one can break the relationship between mother and son, I am unlucky to break this relationship, I will never give my son to black geniuses, he will stay with his mother and father, do what want. Shayari sees Rehan leave. Take the papers and dance. Its slope falls there. He sees Rehan come and hides. See the open folder. He sees her earring and says Shayari … He sees her coat in the den. His sister Mahira comes and teases him about Natasha. He goes. Shayari is leaving. A reporter asks Aman about the ad. Aman asks him to wait. Tabeezi says that I will tie the ends of this thread to your hand and Sidra’s. Aman searches for Roshni. Tabeezi ties the thread. She says that this thread must not break, it will be dangerous for you and the baby. Roshni nods.

She says that we will start the second part when the thread turns red. Aman opens a door. Roshni worries. Shayari says I have to go before Rehan sees me. Mahira sees her and tells her what she’s doing here, I know her Miss Earring. Shayari says that maybe she fell. They speak. Shayari thinks about what she’s saying. Mahira takes her to get ready. Natasha says I am the future wife, will someone help me? Shayari says she’s calling you. Aman asks what’s going on, you didn’t prepare. Roshni hides Sidra behind the door. She makes excuses. She says I’ll change and come over She says I’ll help you. She says you’ll be with Rehan, who is shy and doesn’t talk much like me. Says okay, I’ll go, I’ll call Tabeezi. She says I’ll call her, don’t worry. He goes. She closes the door. Tabeezi says thank goodness I’ve tied the string soon. Roshni asks what should I do now.

Aman says that once Rehan comes, we’ll start the show. Rehan is coming. Aman says you look smart. Rehan says like you. Aman says a little less, Mahira will stay with Natasha. Mahira prepares Natasha. Natasha jokes about jewelry. Rehan asks if this is happening okay. Aman says it will work, Farhan will come, I don’t know about your relationship. Rehan sees Shayari and says that I think Shayari is here. He goes and thinks that I thought she won’t see my face, I can apologize to her. Shayari looks for paper. Rehan is coming. She hides. He turns to see her.

Aman asks Roshni to come. Cider is hiding. Aman takes Roshni’s hand. She stops.

Update credit to: Afaq

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