Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 17, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni calling everyone. Dadi comes and asks what happened to Aman. Roshni says Aman ate salad and then fell. Dadi checks the salad and says it has salt in it, a genie can’t eat it. Roshni says Aman got it for me, I should have known. She asks Aman to get up. Shayari yells at Rehan and asks him not to touch her. She sits crying. Rehan looks. Roshni remembers Aman and cries. Her tear falls on her face. It becomes conscious. She asks if you’re okay, did you know about the sea salt in the salad. Says it’s a little thing. She says she was so scared. Fix the window with her magic. She says that everything has gone well now.

He pacifies her. She says she had taken a promise of fate, until I live my life well, I will not go, I will not let my son lose her childhood like me, take care of yourself now, smile, I will have tea. He goes. She cries and says I promised to give the child to Kaala jinn, Aman is so excited, what to do. Rehan receives a call. Says Shayari is fine now, I’ll take her home. Cover Shayari with her jacket. Says sorry.

Roshni says Tabeezi, I did not see Aman so happy, I cannot let her happiness be taken away, I will not give my son to geniuses. Tabeezi says you have to keep the deal, you have to deliver the child to him. Roshni says I won’t let her shadow fall on my son. Tabeezi says it is impossible. Roshni says that I will fight for my baby, I will find a way to save him.

Shayari wakes up and drops Rehan’s jacket. She leaves. Rehan stops her and says I’m sorry. She asks him not to try to talk to her. She asks if you would send your sister or Bhabhi alone like that, no, right, why did you send me, because I am poor, I have no money, I wanted money for my brother’s operation, I will sell my house, but I won I do not need your help. She says she didn’t know this would happen. She says you are responsible for it. She gets hurt and starts to cry. Roshni asks Tabeezi to find out.

Tabeezi says I’m trying. She looks at the book. She says there is nothing written about breaking the promise to the geniuses, we do not allow the geniuses to take Aman, this time he will come to take her right. Roshni says you saved Aman too. Tabeezi says that I could not save him from the shadow of the geniuses, we broke the deal and that is why we are all in danger, this time there is no way, if you break the promise, Aman’s life will be in danger. Roshni says that neither a mother nor a wife will lose, I will save my baby. Rehan comes home and remembers Shayari’s words. Someone shoots him. Rehan sees the color red on his hands. He says he knew you would come, you would come out. Go to his sister. She hugs him and tells him that she’s getting engaged, congratulations. She says it’s just for Farhan, who’s coming too.

Roshni is on the way. She remembers Tabeezi doing magic. She gets a black thread and says this will help, if we can do this then we can fool Kaala jinn, we can transfer your child to someone else’s womb, it’s called surrogacy, we can do this magically because you are Ayana, Kaala. jinn always watches over mom, if she doesn’t know you’re pregnant, she can’t snatch your baby. Roshni asks who will help us hide the baby. FB ends. Tabeezi asks if you can go back Roshni, I have a girl, we have to do this tonight, it’s a lunar eclipse, otherwise we can’t do it. She asks the driver to take his turn. The police come and stop the car. Roshni thinks about what is happening. Shayari eats chaat and mumbles. The man asks why you are so angry. She complains about Rehan. She says I want Rehan’s sign on the check-out form, Rehan doesn’t want to sign, he wants to treat me like a servant. The man says don’t tell him what paper you’re signing on. She says you’re right, Rehan signs papers at 5pm every day, I have half an hour to get there, thanks for the idea.

Roshni comes home with the police. She sees Aman. She asks are you okay? He asks are you okay? The inspector says they’re both okay, we’ll go. Roshni asks why he called the police. Aman says he was finding you, you did not answer my call, the commitment is there in two hours, I get tense when it comes to you and the baby, you are my world, inform me and go anywhere, prepare for the commitment of Rehan. Think about how it would get to Tabeezi before the eclipse. He asks if you’re okay, come. She said yes. Rehan and Natasha come for engagement. She makes him wear the ring. Rehan feels bad. She says this ring has destroyed your shield, even your dagger cannot save you now. She cages him in the jar. She smiles.

Tabeezi says we have less time, Sidra will carry her baby’s soul into her womb. She ties the thread. Aman gets there. Roshni worries.

Update Credit to: Afaq

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