Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 10, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins when Roshni prevents Aman from seeing the milk bottle. Ask where this sound comes from. She says it is wind. Says the windows are closed. She says the window is open. He sees a flying shoe and takes it. Ask what it is. She doesn’t say anything. Shayari talks to her aunt. She says I can’t go home, I got a job by mistake, I have to pay the children’s fees, don’t worry, I’ll send you the fees when I get the salary. Auntie says be careful, no one should know you’re here. Shayari says that I didn’t tell anyone, I can’t go home, I miss you all so much. The aunt says everything will be fine, smile now. Shayari wipes her tears. Go to Rehan. Na jaane… .play…. She smiles.

She says that today she has crossed all the limits, if she hadn’t needed a job, she would have responded. Roshni says handkerchief, it crossed my mind. Aman asks him to introduce himself. You get a call and you leave. Natasha walks over to Rehan. He thinks I know he has the mark of jinn shikari, I have to check the mark and confirm. Rehan runs away. She says I missed you so much. It says it’s my office. She says so what. She says I don’t want anyone to see you, hide there. Shayari walks in and sees it.

She asks if I go, I finished my work. He says it’s okay. She says that you are behaving strangely. He says I have a lot of work, I’m busy. Natasha falls. Shayari sees her and says your imp job fell off, pick it up, have a nice day. She leaves.

At home, Shayari complains about Rehan. Roshni says I don’t think Rehan is like that, the girls are too fast, they chase him. Shayari says she is not innocent. Roshni says no, he has a lot of manners. Shayari says she was finding something in my bag. Roshni asks what. Shayari says she was stealing samosa from my bag, she was also taking out my dupatta. Roshni asks why. Shayari says there was a bee on my dupatta. Roshni says he’s charming, polite, and decent. Shayari says no, it’s dynamite outside. Aman asks what are you saying. Rehan says yes, act innocent.

Aman says that girl who poured tea on you, you are doubting her, you will regret it. Rehan says it is smart yinn shikari. He asks are you sure? Rehan says I swear on my mustache. Aman says you have to cut your mustache if you fail. Rehan says I’ll give it a try. Roshni says that Rehan is simple and innocent. Shayari says no, I will bring out his truth, the intention of the man and the pregnancy of the woman cannot be hidden. Roshni sees the baby’s clothes fly. She says I have to make a call. Run to get the clothes. She asks the wizarding world not to do this, Aman may know. She puts it in the room. She says that Baazigar can tell Aman. Aman sees an egg in the nest. Dadi asks what this egg is doing here, I saw such an egg when you were in Parveen’s womb, Baazigar was born when that egg hatched and became your friend. Aman says that maybe a new member will come. Dadi asks who is pregnant now. They think. Roshni listens to them. Aman sees her and says Roshni…. They smile.

Shayari says why Roshni left, I should meet her once, I’ll call her. Her candy bottle falls. She follows him and enters Rehan’s room. Rehan sees her photo and says that I will find your truth. She is surprised to hear it. Says you can’t save yourself from me. She leaves. She sees. Aman says we made a mistake, we missed something, you know the meaning of this egg, you know a new member is coming. Dadi asks Aman to get the car. Aman says we should go to the doctor. Roshni says the doctor just checked me out. Says we’ll be back. Tabeezi says it’s for me, I’m doing an experiment to save Rehan from the jinn shikari, I’m doing another Baazigar.

Aman says I felt…. you’re right anyway, another Baazigar will take over from Rehan. Rehan stops Shayari. Ask what are you doing in my room. She asks why you see my photos. They argue. Shayari says that Roshni is my friend, I can go anytime. You think I know why you came here, jinn shikari. She thinks Roshni finds it decent. She goes. Aman sees her. It comes to Rehan. It says that Shayari was leaving the room. Rehan says he came to spy. Aman says you are still wrong. The spy bug watches over Rehan.

Tabeezi asks how you thought this can be hidden from Aman. Roshni cries and says how I will tell her that I am pregnant, but the geniuses will have the right to our first child. Tabeezi says that Jinn will take Aman’s soul back if you break the promise. Roshni cries.

Update credit to: Afaq

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