Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka August 1, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dadi and everyone decorating Aman’s room. Sara says that Aman doesn’t like surprises, he might scold us. Dadi says okay, Aman and Roshni lost a lot, they should be happy. Aman and Roshni arrive in her room. Dadi, Sara, and Saima rush in. Roshni says I’ll get water and go. Aman enters the room and finds it decorated. She sees them hiding behind the curtain. It goes towards them. Dadi says you’re not romantic. Sara says I thought of helping you. He says yes, you can help me, give me some privacy. Sara says don’t irritate Roshni. Saima says yes, give her flowers. Dadi says we forgot to light the candles. Aman says I will, everyone come out. They go. He says I don’t need anyone’s help to get romantic. He works magic and lights the candles. He says it’s simple, Roshni will come in and I’ll say, what … I’ll compliment his eyes because he’s deep like an illusion, not like a pond, I can’t do it, I’m Jinnat King, I can’t flirt with my own wife the fault is mine. Roshni comes and stumbles. He does magic and keeps the tray from falling. Look around the room and smile.

Rehan thinks of Farhan. He wakes up and gets restless. Aman says Dadi, Sara and Saima thought you will like this, he was planning something else. Give you a rose. Say your eyes…. Roshni says I’m sleepy, we’ll sleep. It says please sit down, I want to say something, your eyes are very pretty, actually I want to say a lot but… Roshni thinks you are giving suhaagraat vibes, but if something happens between us, I will get pregnant. She imagines her baby coming and geniuses coming to snatch the baby. She screams no … She says she should sleep. She sleeps. He takes her on his lap. She thinks I’ll keep trying to say something romantic. It also sleeps. She opens her eyes and sees him. She makes him sleep and thinks we have to stay away, if we get close then we have to pay a heavy price. Mahira calls Rehan. He asks is everything okay, why did you call at night. She says I know, only that you’ll be awake by this time. She says she was sleeping. She says I miss Farhan a lot too, don’t blame yourself. She says that I am older and that it is my responsibility to take care of them both, sleep now, their exams continue. End the call.

It’s morning, Roshni helps Aman. He smiles. She says that Rehan is not in her room, that she will be late. Aman says to let him be late. They hear some sound. Aman asks if he has a problem. A girl comes to drop off Rehan. Aman look. Roshni says your poor brother has a problem, the girl is wearing a short dress. The girl gives him a flying kiss and leaves. Rehan sees Aman and Roshni. Aman says you weren’t home all night. Rehan says I don’t sleep. Aman says he used to sleep at 8pm. Rehan says I went to the club and met that girl. Roshni asks her name. Rehan says it’s a lovely name. The girl comes back and says Neena. Aman waves at her. Roshni says goodbye, Neena. The girl is leaving. Roshni asks Aman to follow her advice. She goes. Aman says I don’t want advice. Rehan says that girls chase me, I also have a charm like you, I am not interested in them, if I ignore them, they come after me, they become a challenge for them, maybe you know it. Aman says yes, I know everything, go away. Rehan goes.

Roshni comes to ask about the curtains. Aman says I have no interest. Roshni says you do the magic and fix the curtains. She says fine, I’ll do the job. She goes. Aman says Rehan’s advice doesn’t work. Roshni goes up the ladder. Aman smiles. Roshni falls. Aman holds it in the air with his magic. Rehan says I want a new, neat and organized assistant. You see a girl. Udi udi … play … Rehan says he should have manners, he shouldn’t talk too much. The girl talks to her friend on duty. A man is on the way. The girl shares the taxi with that man. Rehan says her work should be everything to her, it should be elegant and sophisticated, Khanna, I want perfection in everything.

Aman arrives in Roshni. The curtains fall on them. They have a moment. She says that you will always be with me, I felt that you left me forever, when I was hopeless, you came and said that you will always be with me forever. She cries. He nods. She says you have no interest in my talks. He says no, I have a lot of interest in you, it was Rehan’s advice, I was pretending, I don’t know romance, I’m a little bit romantic, I have a lot in my heart, I can’t express it well, you are not the most imp in the world, you are my world. Roshni hugs him and cries. Your mere safar… .plays…. They dance. He hugs her. See the mark on his hand. She runs away. She says I’ll see you later. She goes. Nasreen scolds Rehan on duty. She says you and your brother … Rehan says I’ll find Farhan. He sees a car moving. Go to Farhan and run after the car. He comes in front of the car and stops Farhan. Go to someone else and ask for forgiveness.

Roshni says I won’t take the meds, I want to know why. Aman says you need vitamins. Roshni says, tell me, if you don’t love me. Aman says you were pregnant, it was canceled due to Chand sipahi attack. She is shocked.

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