Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 3, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman saying why Roshni misses Farah, Roshni lost her Ayana powers, should the romance regain. Rehan comes home saying I don’t know when I’ll get Farhan back. Aman asks if you said anything. Rehan says he was upset for Farhan, what happened, tell me. Aman says nothing. Rehan takes his car keys by magic. Aman asks for the keys. Rehan says that matter should not be hidden from a brother. Aman and Rehan play with their magic. Someone leaves a spy bug at the Khan mansion and watches everyone. The angel statue says it is Hamlal, it means that a Jinn hunter is looking for Jinnat, if he knows there are geniuses in this house, then…. Rehan asks Aman if he has that problem. Aman says shut up, I don’t have that problem, give me the car keys. Rehan says I can’t see you upset, tell me I’m your little brother. Aman says let me go, I’m late for work. The spy Hamlal comes to the door. Dadi comes and asks what’s going on, if there is any children’s party, why this magic show, stop it Aman and Rehan. Aman receives the keys. Dadi asks Aman to leave. Aman is leaving.

Roshni comes to meet Farah and Tabeezi. She says they may not be home. She hears a sound and takes a vase. She screams upon seeing Shayari and drops the vase. Shayari says that I am Rubina’s niece, Shayari. Roshni says that I am Farah’s best friend. Shayari jokes about the broken vase in shayari. Roshni laughs and says your name should be funny, shayari. Roshni says I’m not talkative either. Shayari says I’m also the silent type. They talk a lot and laugh. Roshni collects the pieces of glass. Shayari hides the glass pieces under the rug. Roshni says that I had come to meet Farah and discuss my problem. Shayari says to try the new friend if your best friend is not here. Aman says I’ll get the solution when I understand the problem, Roshni walks away from me, what happened to him, Tabeezi. Shayari says her friend loves her husband but stays away from him, maybe she has some bad qualities. Roshni says no, it’s perfect. Shayari says tell your friend to do what her husband doesn’t like, he should be upset and then he will stay away. Roshni laughs. Tabeezi asks Aman to do what Roshni likes, to understand her, she will come to him. Aman says I have to do what she wants, I’ll do everything. Roshni hurts himself on the piece of glass. Shayari says sorry, you hurt yourself because of me, I couldn’t clean it up well. Aman asks why this happens.

Tabeezi says that due to a miscarriage, we didn’t tell her anything, she doesn’t know what she lost, but she would feel that emptiness, a mother’s heart is such. Aman nods. Shayari drops things from his bag. She gets the band-aid. Roshni says it’s so cute. Shayari says my aunt has children, I love them, I wish they never grew up. Roshni cries and says that children are like that. She thinks why I feel like I lost something. Shayari says that any wound can be healed with a cute shayari and help. She makes shayari. Roshni laughs. Shayari says couples need space, ask your friend not to feel guilty. Roshni says yes, I don’t have to feel guilty. Shayari says your friend. Roshni says yes, friend. Shayari says I understood that your friend is really good, tell her not to worry. Roshni thanks her and hugs her. Roshni comes home. Eat a lot of food, sitting on the kitchen counter. Aman sees her and says Roshni… Roshni says I went to see Farah, I thought I had gone to the Halwai store, I went there and packed some food. Ask some? She said yes. She eats everything. She makes a joke and laughs. Aman remembers the words of Tabeezi. He removes the noodles from her hair and eats. She thinks he used to be upset, now he’s eating the fallen noodles. Hamlal spies on Rehan. Roshni thinks Aman is getting closer, thinks about what bothers him. Rehan turns to see. Hamlal hides. Roshni recounts how he met Shayari and jokes. Aman laughs. Roshni says my mood is so good. Aman says you know what Rehan did, he took my car keys and magically blew it up, I’ve shown him magic too, Dadi came and scolded Rehan, I’m Jinnat King. Talk non-stop like her. Roshni looks at him. Aman asks him to sit down and listen to him. Rehan looks at a car. Phupi says you’re upset like Imran took your girlfriend, not the bike. Dadi says Aman left this car for you, take the car, maybe you’ll find your girlfriend. Rehan leaves. The spy bug follows the car. Rehan stops at the signal. Shayari knocks on the window. She says my friend had an accident, could you please take me? He lets her in. She thanks you. She asks you to put on your seat belt. Your phone rings. She starts talking to her friend. It says you said your friend had an accident. She says that people can have 3-4 friends, this is my second friend. Continue the chat on the phone call. It says look….

She says either you speak well or you don’t speak, I’m going to give an interview at Rehan companies, what, have you seen Rehan Khan, I feel like guys with beards are thieves, maybe he’s handsome, just wish me all the best. Rehan listens to her. Increase the temperature of the car. Rehan says you lied to me to get the elevator. She says I have my interview in some time, let me focus. Aman says Tabeezi, I tried to do what Roshni likes, but I’m worried about her. Tabeezi says that Roshni needs to rest, let her sleep. Aman says her behavior became strange, she forgets things and leaves. Tabeezi says that Roshni brought you out of death, love is really crazy, now he will have weakness, give him vitamin tablets. Aman asks if the tablets will affect, I’m ready to treat him. Roshni listens to him. Tabeezi asks him to take out Roshni. Aman says I’ll tie her up and carry her. Roshni imagines and screams I’m not crazy. She says that Aman thinks I don’t make sense, what should I do now?

Aman says you need the vitamins. Roshni says tell me if you don’t love me. Aman says she was pregnant, her pregnancy was terminated due to the Chandsipahi attack. She is shocked.

Update credit to: Afaq

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